Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Got a bit of sleep last night. Went out and bought some of those Breathe Right nasal strips, first time I ever used them. They worked a little at first, just enough for me to get to sleep a little, but by this morning my nose was all clear....until I woke up that is. It seemed like as soon as I open my eyes, my nose fills up. Throat is really sore today.

Hubby's feeling a bit down....there's a lot of crap going on with some people at the fire station. I really want to go to one of their meetings and speak my mind and then maybe everyone will shut up. Its ridiculous! I can't go into detail here, but I just can't believe that grown men and women are acting like this. Its no one fault except the people involved and they need to quit blaming everyone under the sun. I just really want to go in there and say something. Its like high school all over again. Grow up people!

Hubby didn't sleep at all last night. I guess he was too upset. I hope he gets some sleep today. I didn't sleep at all Sunday night and spent most of the night up crying because I was just so tired but couldn't sleep.... but I got a little last night. Maybe 4 hours. I got up at 12:30 and went in the get a drink of water and saw hubby was kinda sad and upset about something. So we talked a bit. The situation is just stupid and everything is being blown way out of proportion. And I thought I over reacted!!

Lilly goes camping with her father's mom on July 1 and I won't get her back 'til July 11. I'm gonna miss her. Just thinking about it right now makes me sad. I hope she has fun. Gonna make a doctors appointment today with the clinic. I can't wait any longer...I really need to see someone. Lilly's father's girlfriend's mom is helping me get state insurance. Yeah, I make too much, but this coming paycheck and the one after has less over time on it and that might just help me make it. Fingers crossed!

Its Tuesday and we are yet another day closer to see if we qualify for a loan for a house. Everything's been paid, everything's been turned in.....now all we do is wait. I hope we really do get it. We finally found a house that we both like, its in our price range and we really need the space. Its not a big place, but its big enough for us. I'm almost 3 months pregnant...its seems like we have a lot of time...but we really don't.

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