Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to work feels weird to be back at work.
My sinuses and allergies are both acting up and I feel miserable. I didn't sleep at all last night.....really.... none. My first day back to work on zero sleep. I'm hoping my boss will have a little pity and let me leave. My nose is stuffy and runny, my eyes itch and are watery, I'm sneezing and coughing like crazy and every time I do one of these my stomach cramps up, my throat is sore, my head wants to explode, I'm dizzy, I feel sick to my stomach, I'm achy everywhere and I am just so tired. And I can't take anything. I was crying at about 3 am this morning cuz I was just so tired and I couldn't go to sleep.

Vacation was ok. Didn't do half the things I wanted to. Took Lilly and hubby's nephew to a water park on Wednesday after he spent the night with us. It was Lilly's first sleep over. They had fun with both the sleep over and the water park. We ended up getting rained out and had to leave the park, though.

Didn't get to sleep in at all over my vacation, but oh...hubby sure did. So...yeah....that kinda made me mad.

Went to go see mom and her land that she bought on Saturday. Its ok, I guess. I'm worried about her getting flooded and about getting found by an ambulance if necessary.

I had a dream that I went to a book signing of the Book of Awesome and I saw Neil Pasricha there. I was the first one in line and I was watching him write down some ideas for the blog and one entry was the perfect muffin.

We should know something by the end of this week if we can get the loan for a house or not. We went in and got our credit scores back and I had some outstanding I paid them...and I'm broke. Of course the lady said that if hubby would get a job, we would have no problem getting the loan. His credit score is really good and he has no outstanding bills.

Well....that's all I feel like writing right head wants to explode.

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