Monday, June 14, 2010


Relay went well. It wasn't as good as it was last seemed a bit unorganized. The ceremony wasn't as teary eyed as years before. I didn't bring my camera today to see if I could put some pics up, I'll try to remember tomorrow. There wasn't as many luminary bags as there was last year either. Last year, they were everywhere and it was such a beautiful sight, but this year there was "holes." Lilly's father brought her and her sister down for a bit. They were there long enough to do the Jupiter Jump and for me to take some pictures of Lilly on the capitol steps with the words HOPE and CURE wrote out in luminary bags. Lilly decorated a bag, too. Hers had a drawing of a person, a butterfly, and the alphabet. We left Relay a bit early because I was in pain. We left at 10:30. I was wanting to stay longer, but I couldn't sit there anymore, I needed to stretch out and lay down. Missed the chicken dance and they scavenger hunt. Next year, I will try to stay the whole 24 hours.

What is up with these rubber bracelts shaped like stuff? Its apparently all the rage with the kids. Lilly got one a month ago from a was shaped like a mermaid. I bought her some at Relay...a star, guitar, ice cream cone, and a drink.... when we went out for my b-day we found 2 in the window ant eater and a porcupine. They are shaped like anything and everything you can think of. There's clothes, food, animals, dragons, castles, even the alpabet. These things are everywhere.

Birthday was ok. Lilly slept in 'til 9. I woke up way before she did, but kept going back to sleep. I figured if she was going to let me sleep, I was going to take it. Her and hubby left to go shopping, so I stayed home and did laundry and caught up on my DVR. He called me like a million times while they were out. First to ask me what I wanted....I didn't know...I didn't really want/need/have room for anything. Then, he called to tell me that his cousin is in for a little while. Then, he called to tell me he locked his keys in my trunk and his sister was bringing him home to get my keys. I locked the door and when he showed up to get my keys he knocked on the door. I started laughing and yelled through the door for him to use his keys to get in. I did that for like 5 minutes. He called one more time, but I don't remember why. They had fun out shopping together. They got me an ice cream cake that we have yet to jump into. I also got my first birthday balloon ever. Yes, that's right...I have never had a birthday least one that I can recall. I never told them that, they just got me one. I love it. I've had balloons...just not birthday balloons. They got me a few more things...I love it all. Went to IHOP for dinner...... I had forgotten how awesome IHOP is. We have decided to make that our new least until we try everything. I even got a bit of a foot rub last night too!!!

I have Lilly for the next 2 weeks!!! Then, she's going camping for a week and a half with her father's mom. Her father is going almost a month without seeing her. He and his girlfriend and their kid took off yesterday. I don't know where they went, I'm just happy I have Lilly for so long.

Next week is vacation!!!!!!! A very much needed vacation. Some good family time and some good rest. We're not really going anywhere, like the beach or anything. We are staying home and just going to do stuff. Movies, bowling, water park, museum, visit family. Fun, fun, fun. Hubby said something about going to Kings Island, but then he said we can't because I'm pregnant.....didn't think about it until just now, but we're going to have Lilly....we're not going to be able to get on a big roller coaster.......I'm sure I can still do little rides........I don't know. I'm going to have to look up the rides.

**EDIT** I looked it up and the only rides I can really do is the merry-go-rounds and like one with a train. There's some I could do if I was like a foot shorter. I can't even ride the little kids rides. So....I guess we could still go, I'll just stand and wait for them and take pictures. I don't know.

I'm officially another year older and supposedly another year wiser.

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