Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June is a busy month

I know this might sound a little crazy, but here shoes have to be tied really tight. I can't stand them being even a little bit loose. If I feel them slip up on my heel, I stop whatever I am doing, and tie my shoe tighter. I use to not care. My one pair of tennis shoes that I have had forever, hadn't been untied for years...until this little obsession came to surface. Those shoes were tied the perfect looseness/tightness where I could just slide my feet in and slide them back out without the shoes coming off mid-day. Now, I feel the need to tie and untie them several times a day just so they will stay tight. My work shoes are a bit big on me (I have really wide feet and have to buy shoes a size bigger for them to fit), so I am tightening them up more frequently. Right now, my right foot is going to sleep because my shoe is tied so tight, but I can't stand for it to be any looser. Is looser even a word? I don't know why I am doing this and I don't know if its going to turn into a problem.

Doing good with the no smoking. I don't even want them anymore. I barely think about them now. Its hard for me to imagine that at one time I was a smoker, but I remember that when I did smoke it was hard for me to picture me not smoking. I don't go outside here at work anymore. I do kind of miss that, but I don't want to be out there with everyone else smoking. It doesn't bother me to be around other smokers, but I just try not to if possible.

There's only so much exercise I can do in a day with zero energy. I've heard that if you exercise, you will have more energy....yeah.......its not working. It just makes me more tired. I'm allowing myself to gain no more than 20 pounds this pregnancy. I gained 35 with Lilly. I looked up healthy weight for me, my height and current weight and everything and it said that I should gain 15 pounds, but I'm giving myself an extra 5 pounds to play around with. Since this is my second child, I figured I would put the pounds on faster and more weight and have a lot of problems losing I am monitoring it now and keeping track of it. Its hard with junk food screaming my name every night. I did great last night though. I totally turned down a piece of chocolate swirl cheesecake.

Tomorrow work is having a health screening. Its going to be the closest thing I have come to seeing a doctor since I got pregnant. I'm still waiting to see if I qualify for state insurance. I haven't heard anything yet. They did send me something to tell me I didn't turn all my info in to them. So I did that. If I don't qualify, I don't know what I'm going to do. The insurance here at work costs too much (it would take up 2 weeks of my pay just to pay for one month) and the coverage sucks. I'm hoping my cholesterol is in better shape this year. Last year my total cholesterol wasn't that bad but if you separate the good from the was bad. My HDL (good) was too low, it was 37. My LDL (bad) was too high, it was 117. I did quit smoking, I was told that would help a little. We'll see. I don't know how much being pregnant is going to affect my cholesterol.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. I didn't really have anything planned for him. I got him a card and a present. He didn't want to do anything or go anywhere. Maybe he was just depressed about getting older, he's only 33. Last year I planned much better. I got him the Wii last year and we went out to Friday's to eat. My birthday sucked last year and I'm prepared for it to suck this year. I have 11 more days til I'm 24. Our anniversary is in almost 3 weeks. We got married June 21, 2008. I was wanting to do it June 7, 2008. The date would have been 6-7-8, but he didn't tell his best man about that date and he was going on vacation that week. That day was also the day right between our birthdays, and it was on a Saturday that year. Oh, well....I can't do anything about it now. Being married the first day of summer is also great. I don't remember it being this hot in '08 around this time, though. Something seriously needs to be done about this heat and humidity. I can handle high temps, its the humidity that kills me.....and makes my hair wild.

9 more days 'til Relay!!! We are so far away from our goal. Everyone is pinching pennies these days and not donating money. I am only $30 away from my first goal. I'm going to add that on. I have probably donated 75% of the money I have raised. Fund-raisers were also slim this year. Next year will be better. I can feel it.

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