Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation starts in a few hours!!

Went looking at some houses yesterday. Only found one that we like....the only one that we can afford that is in decent shape. It has a little bit of damage to the walls and doors and such because the lady that lived there was in a wheelchair and the halls are a bit narrow. So, I'm going to search around today for the prices of the stuff that needs fixed and replaced and then go try to get a loan. Last time we went, 2 years ago, we were denied, but things are better now. A lot of things are paid off, cars, credit cards, medical bills, old cell phone bills........ and my credit sucked last time too. I'm hoping its better. Hubby is the one with the really good credit, but the only problem with him is that he is unemployed. I don't know how they are going to look at that. They may not give us a loan for that simple reason.

The house is 3 bedroom, 1 car garage, family room and living room, propane fire place, a sunroom, an attic, kind of a basement-you can only access it from the outside..the realtor kept calling it a crawlspace-, and a huge yard. There's a lot of trees, so some will have to come down, but its huge compared to all the other yards in this town. The only things that really needs replaced or fixed is all the bedroom doors and frames, one hall closet door and frame, the base boards in the hall and the family room, the walls in the hall and family room, a couple kitchen cabinets, strip the wall paper and paint, a few things are dented but I don't see that as a big problem, a lot of trees and bushes needs to be cut down, some stuff in the garage needs tore out, there's a big fountain that needs to be removed, a gazebo that needs fixed, and a few other things. I'm excited about this house. I've been wanting a house FOREVER and one that needs some TLC is even better. It gives us a chance to make it our own.

Vacation starts whenever I get off work today. I won't be able to post anything until the week after. Hopefully I will come back with some good news.

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