Thursday, June 17, 2010

The pain has basically gone away except for the occasional mind numbing, can't move, I wanna throw up pain. But at least its down to once a day or less. That's a major plus. I'm planning on making an appointment with the clinic the week after my vacation. I guess I waited so long because I was hoping some insurance would fall into my lap or something. Yeah.......ok.

So I saw where Neil Pasricha is going to be in DC on July 6. I want to go sooooooo bad. That would be a great time for me to go visit my bff. She lives close to hour or so?? The only downside is that its on a Tuesday. I can't go unless its on a weekend. I mean...I'm taking a week off next week. I can't ask for a few more days off that early. I can't just take one or two days off, especially if I'm visiting my bff. We gotta do stuff, go places and such. Hubby would want to come to..... I have my fingers crossed that he'll have a job by then.........yeah......ok. So anyways, if Neil would just go a couple hundred miles to the west after DC, I would be able to go....and I want to soooooo bad. I already have an autographed book by him, but it would still be super awesome to go.

Finally talked hubby into going out looking at houses. Its a step forward...even if we don't find one we like.... I have like 10 printed out that we are going to go see the location of before we see the inside. We go on the neighborhood, the yard, how close the neighbors are, what the outside looks like, if its on a big hill or not........ if it meets our likes, then we will move on and take a look inside. I don't know if the banks will give us a loan because he's unemployed, but its worth a try.

2 more days and my vacation starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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