Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week's half over!

I've noticed that I have been eating less in a sitting. Yeah, I'm hungry more often, but I can't always eat when I'm hungry. But when I do get to sit down and grab a bite, I can't eat as much as before. Yesterday, I went to Dairy Queen for some lunch (first I thought I wanted pizza, but changed my mind when I got there. Then, I wanted a Blizzard, but I didn't want one when I got there either), I got a burger and some fries and a drink. I always eat my fries first. It doesn't matter where the food is from, how much is there...I always eat my fries first. So, I gobbled down my fries and got halfway through the burger and I was done. Usually I could eat all of it and have room for ice cream. Hubby and Lilly got me an ice cream cake for my birthday and I have yet to enjoy it because I'm always full when it comes time for cake. I just think its weird. I'm eating as often as I was before, but I can't eat as much even though I'm hungry more often and starving when it comes time for food........................ I guess its a good thing.....I won't gain that much weight.

I do need to make a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. There's a screening that can be done around week 11 to help determine if the baby has Down syndrome among other things. I want to be able to do this test. There are other tests that they can do, but some up the risk of a miscarriage or could harm the baby in other ways. I need to find this clinic that I have no other choice but to go to.

A couple months ago we got the movie "Milo and Otis"...ya know...the movie about the cat and the dog... well... the first night we had it, me and Lilly watched it together. She has seen it like 5 times since then, all the way through. We've talked about the movie and laughed with the movie. Last night I came home and she was watching that movie in the bedroom, so I sat down for a while. About a half an hour later, she is sobbing and crying hysterically. Hubby brings her into the family room and I try to get her to tell me what is wrong. After about twenty minutes of big crocodile tears and near hyperventilating, I finally get her calmed down enough to talk. She told me that the movie made her so sad. I asked her if she watched it all the way to the end where they all have babies and go back home to the farm and she said yes, that it all made her sad. So........that movie is put up for a while. She has never cried over something she's seen on tv or in a movie....and she's seen this movie lots of times.

Its getting harder and harder for me to get up in the mornings. All I wanted to do this morning was lay back down and close my eyes. Its also getting harder for me to stay awake during the day. Last night was family movie night and I missed the last 20 minutes cuz I fell asleep. I thought I was tired and sleepy before.... ha! Its worse. I want my energy back.

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