Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Again no sleep.... about 2 hours. I'm dragging right now. My head is still stuffy and I still can't breathe.

Made a doctor's appointment. The earliest time they could fit me in is on the 14th at 8:50. I hate the time. I'm gonna get to come to work for about an hour and a half, then go to the doc's, then come back and finish my day. I wish they could have given me a later time...say 4:00 or so...that way I can just go home after. They told me that I have to take a class before they will see me. A pregnancy class. What exactly are they going to tell me that I already don't know and why in the world do I have to take this class? I have to go this Friday at 10:30. I really hope that I do get to get the state insurance......I really want to go to my doctor. I gotta figure something out. Hopefully I will be able to know the sex of the baby by then. When I go I should be around 13 weeks.

Oh, and I think I have been feeling the baby move about. I'm not 100% sure. Everytime I think I feel something, it stops. I can't remember when I felt Lilly move and I really don't remember what it felt like in the beginning. I remember what she felt like when I was huge. I use to put stuff on my stomach just to watch her kick it off. I remember what those kicks feel like, but not the little flutters.... but yea..... I think I have been feeling the little one move about.

Today is my last day with Lilly before she goes camping for about 2 weeks. I hope she has fun and I really hope they remember to put sun screen on her. Last night we rented Alice and was a bit odd. I loved it, but I hardly think its a kid movie. There's a lot of fighting and cut off heads floating in water...... Lilly liked it. She's already seen it.

Our 4th of July plans have been....well....I don't know. We usually go to hubby's best friends parents house for a cook out and some fireworks, but they are kinda mad at each other and hubby said we aren't going. We do get to go see my family, but that's noon. Maybe I can talk him into going to the fire works in town. I haven't seen them yet. When I lived at home, they had fireworks in my town...when I moved out, I always worked...when I met hubby, we always did fire works at that cookout. Except for the first time I went to the cookout, I left and took Lilly to go see the ones in town....... and we got rained out. So, maybe this year I'll get to see them. I hope Lilly will get to see some this year. I don't know if she will be around any. She's not a big fan of fire works, though. She hates loud noises, but if she's far enough away or has on some ear phones or something, she is fine.

Yes, I'm cheating today. I have in front of me a big cup of caffeine. Sorry, little baby, I know its making you jittery....but mommy has to stay awake today. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I can't remember when and I have meetings today that I need to be awake for. Even though the coffee here at work sucks, I gotta stay awake.

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