Friday, February 15, 2013

3 Day Weekend!!

I think I forgot to mention that the drain/flooding problem in my basement if fixed. Hubby got the pipes directed differently and I can wash dishes now! He fixed it Saturday, but I'm still catching up on my cleaning.
Last night we gave the kids giant Valentine's sugar cookies. They ate about half of it. I made some pizza pasta with double the meat. Hubby rented the new Spiderman movie. It was ok, but it was like they were trying to redo the first one. We didn't get to start the movie until 9:30 and it didn't go off until close to midnight. I'm quite tired today.
Lilly's Valentine's party is today. She's taking her teacher a blue and white wooden rose. They've already given out their cards and candy to each other, but they are going to eat candy and stuff today. Their party will only last about 20 minutes. She's super excited about it though. Zach's class exchanged cards yesterday, but I didn't have his. I thought they were going to do it today. I made them out and sent them today. I told hubby that for Valentine's Day I wanted some K-cups to take to work... preferably flavored. He stole some from his work and I was sifting through them... they were all regular coffee. He said, "No, they are flavored. This one is light roast. This one is French Blend." I laughed. I told him I'd still drink them, but he needs to learn his coffee.
I'm thinking about starting to sell Tastefully Simple things. I think it would be fun and I'd have a couple extra bucks. Tony finally got a job.. at the convenient store I used to work at. I miss that place. I swear I would go back if they would offer me better pay, benefits, holidays and weekends off... but that'll never happen. I loved the work, but hated the pay and hours. I'm excited for him and I hope he does a great job and loves it as much as I did. I stayed there nearly 5 years and was assistant manager when I quit.
My grandpa is still in the hospital. I didn't really get any news on what's going on yet. Mom called me yesterday evening and said that the doctor has talked to him, but it was after my grandma had left to go home and by the time my grandpa called her, he had forgotten everything the dr told him.
I'm thinking about skipping on my salad again today. Its going to go bad, I know. I just really want a burrito today. Yesterday I had a chicken wrap. Not too bad for me, but it also came with fries. I debated on the fries for about 10 minutes before I gave in. I did a little time on the Wii last night... maybe 15 minutes and I didn't go walking except to the mall. I bought Lilly 2 outfits and a bracelet for her birthday. The outfits are super cute. One is a white t-shirt with orange butterflies on it and they are kind of 3-D ish... and some orange Bermuda shorts. The other outfit is a black shirt with hot pink stripes and the number 81 in neon green and it has a fake undershirt look to it and I got neon green shorts with a hot pink belt to go with it. I'm excited for her birthday. I think we are going to have it at the house, but I'm not too sure just yet. The Y would be more practical, but I'd hate for it to be like last year. I rented this great place and none of her friends came. But to be fair, I didn't give her the invitations to give out until the last minute. We are going to give them out early this year... I just have to figure out where I'm having it.
3 day weekend. I was going to use Monday as a 'me' day, but I'm hanging out with CJ. I guess you could still call it a me day. After dropping the kids off, I'm headed to Mcdonalds for breakfast. I'll take it home and eat it while I watch one of my shows. I might take a nap. Then I'll head to CJ's house and we're going to watch the last Twilight movie. Plan A was to stay home and sleep all day or just watch tv. I think I may have gotten bored after a while and I would try to clean up the house. So Plan B is to hang out with CJ. I haven't really seen her in a long time. Zach's birthday party was the last time I think. Almost a month.
Planning on seeing mom tomorrow, but it might snow. If the roads are too bad, I'll try to plan for Sunday. I still haven't seen her since Christmas. I have to get Donavan's birthday present and might pick him up something else. He doesn't like cake, but I'm going to aim for something healthy. Maybe I'll cook them lunch or something.
Ok, its lunch time. I must decide on my salad or a burrito.

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  1. Hi Bekah :-) I found your blog on Google! I also sell Tastefully Simple! Yummy!! Are you aware of our current incentive to join?