Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow, Mud, Burns and Weight

My grandpa got to come home yesterday. He's feeling much better.
Saturday I packed the kids up to go see mom. It started snowing halfway there and I was getting worried. The big hill before her house was kind of bad and then right before the bridge to her house was a lot of mud. I was sliding sideways and was afraid I was about to go miss the bridge and go into the creek, but we made it. We weren't even there for 5 minutes before Zach touched her wood burning stove. Lilly told me, Zach didn't even cry or anything. I looked at his hand and it was just dirty where there was ashes and I wiped it off. A couple hours later I see a welp on his arm from the burn. Broke my heart. We put some aloe on it from an aloe plant. The kids played, the had lunch that I had packed for them.. and then it started snowing again, so we packed up and left. We went to my brother Josh's house where all of my younger brothers were. They were there helping Josh with paperwork for his job. We visited with them. Tony left not 5 minutes after I got there. My kids played with Josh's kids. Jeff eventually got off work-later than I had thought. So we visited with him for a bit before we left, it was about 7:00 by now and my kids were hungry again. We stopped at McDonalds and went to my grandma's house so they could eat and we visited with them. Tony came over while I was there. We weren't there 15 minutes and it started snowing really hard. By the time I had got the trash from the food cleaned up and Zach's diaper changed, there was half an inch on Maw's porch. Lilly was freaking out saying that she never drove in a snow storm before. I told her I was the one driving and she'll be fine. The roads were covered and it was snowing so hard I couldn't see a foot in front of my car. Its close to 8:00 now. Took us a while to get home, but we made it. Both kids fell asleep. I called my grandma and texted Tony when I got home to tell them I made it. It all melted the next day.
Sunday, I had the kids clean up their room. Took most of the day because they kept quitting and complaining. We went to Walmart and then out to eat. Zach actually ate all his chicken and my dish was fantastic.
Yesterday I had the day off work since the bank was closed for holiday. Lilly had school and I sent Zach to day care. I had originally planned to just take it easy, but CJ was off work too so I went to her house. We went out to eat and then back to her house to watch a movie. Picked the kids up before hubby even made it home. Made some steak for dinner and hit the Wii.
Zach still doesn't seem to mind his burn at all. We've put medicine on it. I'm afraid to give him a bath though. I've just been wiping him off with a cloth in the mornings. I'd hate to get him in the water and the burn start hurting. It looks good today. It looks like its healing well. I'll give him a bath by the end of the week, probably.
While I was on the Wii last night I decided to look at my weight chart. I weighed more than I thought I did, or more than I let myself believe. I have lost another pound so I'm actually down 10 now. It hit me last night while I was looking at my chart...seeing that line keep going down over time... that I'm really doing this. I'm actually losing weight. Its a great feeling. I wore a belt this weekend because my pants were lose!
I've been kind of dizzy today. Its lasted all morning and its kind of making me sick. I don't feel light headed, just dizzy. Like I'm drunk or like I've been spinning around in circles. I want to go home and maybe sleep it off, but I don't trust myself driving right now. I hope it passes before I get off work.
Tony's first day working at the new place was yesterday and he was sick. He went anyway, but on the first day you just basically read the rules and stuff. I really hope he enjoys that place as much as I did. I swear I'd still be there if they paid more, gave me holidays and weekends off and offered benefits. Loved the work, but not everything else. I texted him earlier and he's feeling better today and is back at work.
I know this is kind of short after being off for 3 days, but I'm really not feeling well. I'll try to take a picture of Zach's boo boo and post it tomorrow. Its looking better.

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