Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weekend is Over

I have been curious about Pintrest in a while so I finally decided to see what it was about. I love it! I already have a list of things for me and the kids to do this week. I'll make sure I get pictures.
This weekend it was mostly just me and Zach. We played. We cuddled. We ran. We giggled. And I'm actually sad to say that I'm glad to be back at work today. I really enjoyed my time with him, but mommy needed a break. I was never by myself. I didn't even get to take a shower until last night! I could never cut it as a stay at home mom. I like the idea of it, but when it comes down to it, I was born to be a working gal. Love my kids to death, but I just couldn't do it. It was ok. I kept running out of ideas on what to do with him to keep him busy. He got bored easily. I even let him take a shower, but he soon lost interest. We went outside to play, but he only played for about half an hour before he was done. I tried letting him paint, but he only did that for 5 minutes. I put out pots and pans to let him bang on, he didn't want to. We bounced balls, he didn't care. He just wanted to crawl on me and sit on me. I have so many bruises from his knees and elbows its not funny.
Friday- I was letting Lilly catch the bus. The bus stop is just a driveway down from mine, so we stood in ours until we saw the bus. There were no kids at the bus stop, so we just sort of stood around and she was excited. Until the kids showed up. Then she got nervous and wanted me to drive her to school. She was near tears. I told her I wasn't going to drive her and she needed to ride the bus. She kept saying that she'll do it next time, but what if I couldn't stand out there next time? What if Zach was sick and she had to do it alone. She wouldn't if she had never done it before. The bus pulled up and I said, "Go get on the bus." Then Zach says, "OK"  and starts heading for the bus. I had to grab him. Then he waves at Lilly and says, "Bye, Sissy! Have fun!" She walked so slow to the bus stop that the bus driver stopped where she was. I guess she did ok. I haven't seen her yet. I'll ask her today if it was really as bad as she thought it was going to be.
Took Tony our old love seat and recliner Saturday and finally went to sign Lilly up for softball. I had to volunteer for the concession stand this year. Not happy about that. Hubby works a lot and I'm not taking the kids there and I refuse to work during Lilly's games. We also had to pay $1 to 'get the application processed.' What? I know its only a dollar, but I shouldn't have to pay to volunteer! So not cool at all.
Thursday, a guy we know, who used to be hubby's good friend, who is also on the fire station, decided he was going to lose his mind and try to shoot his wife and kids. He's now in jail. Its crazy. I sent hubby a text about it and he started freaking out. When I got home I told hubby that it calls for celebration, so we ordered out for dinner. The wife and kids are fine, we're just glad that he's finally locked up.
Lost 11 pounds so far! I tried on some pants that are a size smaller, and they fit! A little tight, but I'm sure by next week, I'll be wearing them to work. I'm doing fantastic! Going to go walking today during lunch. Usually the weekends are hard for me to stay on track, but I did really well this time. Today for breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs without yolk and a cup of coffee. For lunch I brought a small salad and a tuna salad sandwich and I brought an apple to munch on. I was thinking Chicken Parmesan for dinner, but hubby has to be at the fire station tonight, so I'll have to find something quicker.
Zach's burn boo boo looks a whole lot better. He only had a little scab left where the blister had popped and yesterday it fell off while he was trying to lift his sleeve to show me. He said, "My boo boo all gone!" And threw his hands up. Then he found his scab on the floor and picked it up, "My boo boo!" I laughed until it hurt.
I'll do another post later today with pictures from this weekend. Its just Zach and my many attempts to keep him busy. OH, yeah... the stuff I found on Pintrest that I'm going to do with the kids. Tonight we are going to make unpoppable bubbles with water, corn syrup and dish soap. Tomorrow we are doing puff paint in the microwave with self rising flour, food coloring and salt. Wednesday we are making our own ice cream in baggies. Thursday we are painting with q-tips. And then Friday, depending on the weather, I was wanting to take the kids to the park to feed the ducks. We have some hot dog buns from Zach's party that has gotten hard and I don't want to just throw them out.
I'm running out of time to get Lilly's birthday stuff together. I haven't gotten her anything but 2 outfits and a bracelet. I have to get the invitations. I'll try to do that today. I'm thinking that we'll just serve pizza and have cake and stuff and do it at our house. Hopefully she can invite just the people she wants to. At school, you can't give out an invitation unless you have one for the entire class. Well, I don't want to invite the entire class. I'm thinking about having it on St. Patricks Day and have some 'green' activities they can do. I hope the weather is nice so we can go outside and I won't have so many people in my house. I just hope some of her friends show up this time.

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