Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Feeling a bit better today. I didn't really sleep or anything, but I'm just feeling good about myself today. I worked out on the Wii and did a 10 minute aerobic workout video yesterday. Still haven't lost any more weight, but I'm more serious than ever. Lent starts tomorrow and I'm giving up my most loved food...chocolate...for 40 days. I think that will help me in my goals. Weight loss group that I made on Facebook is really helping me out. Yesterday I was way under my calorie intake goal. Today I'm on the same track. I had a boiled egg with no  yolk and a banana with an 80 calorie cappuccino for breakfast. Lunch I had a spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and celery. I brought kiwi, an apple and celery sticks with peanut butter for a snack. Thinking about baked chicken breast for dinner, but that may change. I'm going to try to get out of here soon to go walking. I'm just aiming for a 30 minute brisk walk and I'm hoping for about 2 miles out of it. Getting myself healthy and being this serious about it is giving me something to concentrate on. Its great.
I've been super busy at work today as well as yesterday. I worked during my lunch hour yesterday and I have yet to take one today. I'm only getting to type this up because I already know what I want to say and it won't take but 5 minutes. Hubby was talking last night about me quitting my job. He said that it would be cheaper for us in the long run. Not if he has to pick up the health care. He said that we won't have day care, parking or the gas and I kept arguing that we needed health care. Then he said I could get a job closer to home that pays way less. I told him that if I'm still the one paying health care and day care then I can't take a pay cut at all. His argument was that it would save me money on gas and parking, but I reminded him that he is the one that pays for that. I wish we could work something out. My books! I'm counting on my books! I haven't had time to work on them yet. I'd love to work on them today, but its crazy busy and my half an hour lunch that I'm required to take I'm using to go walk. And I'm not changing that. I need to get out.
I complain a lot, don't I?
Seth asked me yesterday to look into finding him an apartment to rent. I found a couple. I'm excited that he's ready to move out and get his life going. I hope he finds a job soon. I hope Tony finds one soon. They need to lower their expectations and go for lower paying jobs or they'll never get one. They need to just start working until they find something better. Neither has any income at the moment and any job is better than nothing. There is nothing wrong with working fast food. You get free food!
My dad is 49 today. Old man! I think he's home, but I'm not really sure. I sent him a text and told him on Facebook. Actually I posted a Walking Dead picture to his wall that said happy birthday. I thought it was fantastic.
I think I'm hooked on watching The Biggest Loser now. I like to watch it while I do free step on the Wii. It keeps me going and helps me realize that my goals are possible.
Ok.... I think I'm going walking now....

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