Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Short Post

So, the unpoppable bubbles that we tried last night weren't all that unpoppable. They would bounce off the ground and your clothes but that was it. Kids had fun though. Lilly decided she wanted to pop a big bubble with her nose and it popped all over her head. I made her take a shower. Tonight we are going to try to make our own ice cream and I'll make chicken Parmesan and cheesy rice for dinner. I had my salad and tuna sandwich for lunch today. No breakfast and my apple tasted weird, so it ended up in the trash. I played around with my 10 pound dumbbells last night while catching up on Grey's Anatomy.
Today is crazy sock day at school for Lilly. She has a lot of bright and funky looking socks with crazy designs on them, but she didn't want to mix and match those. So, I thought of a Christmas sock with a Halloween sock. She loved it, but we went further. Today for school she wore a knee high bus yellow softball sock and a half calf snowman sock. Tomorrow is crazy hat day. She only has one weird hat, but I don't even know if it still fits. I might look up some stuff to do for hats. I think I just thought of something... she can wear her helmet and we'll poke some scarves through the holes on top... hmm..... maybe.....
I printed off her invitations today. I only did 8, but if she needs more, I can do more. The theme is GREEN since we are having it on St. Patricks Day. I have green wooden roses to give to the girls.. and boys if they want. We're going to get a green cake and serve green ice cream... If I can. I thought of just getting vanilla and coloring it. I'll make green jello and we'll have green juice. I'll blow up green balloons and have green beaded necklaces to give out too. I'll get some green candy from the candy store at the mall. I'm trying to think of games we can do now. Something that will entertain 7-8 year olds and seem fun to do for them and also something for the younger kids that might show up. I'll have to do some digging around for games and stuff with a St. Patrick's Day theme to it.
Yeah, I also remembered that I didn't post my pictures yesterday like I promised. I'll do it after this post. I'll put up everything from this weekend and yesterday with the bubbles.
I'm hungry... I wish it was time to go home. But even then, I have to thaw out the chicken.
The sound of me typing is kind of distracting today. I don't know why...
I'm also starting to get a headache and don't really feel like doing anything right now. I might get some coffee or something soon.

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