Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I ramble too much to think of a title for my posts

I talked hubby into playing the Wii with me last night. I got him to play 2 games of bowling, 3 holes of golf and 3 innings of baseball. Then I proceeded to box and then do some stuff on the Wii Fit Plus. I jumped on the scale this morning and saw a number that I hadn't seen in a loooooong time. And then today, I was doing great. I brought boiled eggs for breakfast and veggie pizza for lunch, but I decided I wanted to go out for lunch. I hit up Subway and ended up getting some cookies. I hope the cookies don't hurt me too much. I've been doing fantastic! I know I should have gone to the mall and stuck with what I brought, but I had a wild idea to go window shopping for Lilly's birthday. Mostly to try to see if I could find some Twinkle Toe shoes that I liked for her. I got her some last year for her birthday, but they didn't light up and I'm going to get her some that do. Her feet won't quit growing! The weather looks like its going to warm up a bit, so I can get out there and walk some more. Softball season starts up soon. One field is by a track that I'll probably walk while she's practicing. I'll stick Zach in his push bike and take off. Just a couple of rounds... I can't miss her practice... I like watching her.
I didn't really do much else yesterday. I got home and felt sick. I asked hubby to cook and I ran out and got some milk and Lilly some candy to take to school for Valentine's Day. I feel better today, but sore where I went stair climbing here at work. Thursday looks like a good workout day. Hubby has a meeting at the fire station...if he goes. He didn't go last night. He said it was because I said that I didn't feel well, but it never stopped him before.
I haven't gotten any further in writing my books. My brain seems to be at a stand still right now. I want to bring to work what I have written down and type it up so I can look at it as a whole and not on little pieces of paper. I need to go buy a notebook instead of using a little notepad.
Mom told me yesterday that Tony probably has a job installing cable. All he has to wait for is the background check to go through. My oldest brother Josh works for them as a dispatcher and was pulling for Tony. I'm glad he finally got something that pays good. Josh requested for Tony to be put in the town that he grew up in so he knows the area well.
I'm thinking about becoming a consultant for Pampered Chef or Tastefully Simple. I would like to do something that would bring in a couple extra bucks here and there that wouldn't require me putting in a lot of time. I could do that while working at my current job while writing my books. Hopefully my books will take off and I won't even have to work here. I just have so many ideas...its just finding the time to put them into writing. I tend to want to rush through my idea without putting in more time or details. I really hope this works out.
My youngest brother, Donavan turns 16 today. Hard to believe. It kind of breaks my heart. I'm probably going to cry on his 18th birthday. I was a bit sad on Tony and Seth's 18th birthdays. Tony turns 20 this year!! Makes me feel old. I raised these kids. Tony's been having problems out of his car lately and he'll call me asking questions and then I'll call mom and tell her that our son called. Its kinda funny but its so true. My boys are growing up.
Donavan turns 16 today. My dad's 49th birthday is on the 12th. My uncle's 39th and hubby's sister's 41st birthday is the 23rd. March is a busy month. My grandma is on the 3rd, Tony is 20 on the 4th, Josh is 31 on the 7th, my boss' is the 11th, Lilly is 8 on the 22nd, her sister is 9 on the 24th, hubby's mom's is the 29th. I gotta go shopping! Josh really turned 30 last year? How did I miss that? I'm going to be 27 this year. How did that happen? I swear I still feel like I'm 15 sometimes...until I look in the mirror. I don't FEEL this old. My joints ache and I have stretch marks and scars...but I'm still 15 right? I still go running through mud puddles and ride sleds down big hills. I still watch cartoons. I still stay up late eating pizza. I still play my radio way too loud. I still doodle instead of listening to adults! As I sit here with my earphones in listening to 90's music, I realized that the key to my happiness is to not act my age. I mean, I do a lot of kid stuff with my kids, but I need to do more kid stuff for me. I need to be sillier. I need to laugh more and talk loud. I need to stay up late talking about stupid stuff. I need to stop stressing so much and enjoy what I have. This whole being a responsible adult is fun and all, but I'm ready to release my inner child. I also still think the 90's was only 10 years ago!! What is going on? Where did all the time go? My boys are growing up and are graduating and driving and getting jobs. My kids are growing up so fast I can't keep up. I'm older than I am. I was once told that I had an old soul. I do believe that I do. I believe that I am mature for my age and I tend to have friends that are way older than I am. So, am I 15, 26 or 84? My brain is 15, my body is 26 and my soul is 84. That settles it!!
The girls at work have been talking about a book that I want to read, but I'm not going to for a while, so my earphones have been in my ears all day. They are books by Gillian Flynn called Dark Places, Sharp Objects, and Gone Girl. I'm very interested in these books. At the end of last year, I made a list of books I'm going to read this year and Room by Emma Donaghue is number 1 followed by these books. But I picked up my Wizard of Oz series last night and started reading on it. Here's my book list for this year...
1-Room by Emma Donague
2-Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
3-Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
4-Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
5-The time Keeper by Mitch Albom
6-Finding Emma by Steena Holmes
7-The Lion, The lamb, The Hunted by Andrew Kaufman (might take this one off)
8-War Brides by Helen Bryan
9-11/22/63 by Stephen King
10-The Host by Stephanie Meyer
I have my list beside my desk to remind me what to read next. I haven't even started. I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and I took a break, but I'm ready to get to reading again. Maybe I'll put my book list on hold for a year so I can finish the 15 book series for Wizard of Oz. I wish Lilly loved to read as much as I do. I loved it as a kid. I just don't get why she doesn't. She likes some books, but she doesn't really like to read.
I have an  hour and a half before I leave to go home and I don't feel like I've done much today. I guess I must get to work. I'm so far behind on my input and filing that its not even funny.

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  1. Hi Bekah :-) Just reading your posts! I agree that either company is a fabulous option. I prefer Tastefully Simple, but of course I am slightly partial ha ha. We have a brand new catalog that is unveiling on Mar 1st. Have you seen it yet?