Friday, February 1, 2013

Lots of Words

Its snowing today! I can't believe the weather lately. I had the kids outside playing on Tuesday! I'm hoping to get to be able to take them out to play in the snow. Its supposed to snow more this weekend. They still don't have snow boots yet either.
I don't really remember when I posted last.... I could go back and look, but I'm feeling lazy today. Zach had a dr appointment Wednesday. He weighs 34 pounds and the dr said that he is developing perfectly and that his vocabulary is high for his age. After we left the dr office, I had to take him to day care so I could go to work. We got stuck in a storm. Strong winds were pushing my car around and the rain was so heavy that I couldn't see far in front of me. It only lasted about 5 minutes though.
As for my New Year's resolutions... I'm still going strong. For my crafts with the kids, me and Lilly finally finished her Valentine's box for school. I need to do crafts more often with them. As for cooking new stuff.. its coming along. I made Cajun chicken for the first time last week and hubby was not a fan. He only likes Cajun when its a taco. I don't think I'm averaging a new recipe every week, but I'm doing my best. My weight loss is coming along slowly. I'm still watching what I eat and trying to get some exercise. The Wii is hooked up to the tv in the living room and that's the one hubby watches all the time. So, I can only get on it when he's gone or in the shower. I've been eating better, but I still find myself falling of track sometimes. Like today... I didn't get to pack my lunch this morning, so I went out and grabbed something. Bad mistake. But its all a work in progress. I would love to be at least 10 pounds lighter by my anniversary in June. And patience... Some days are better than others when it comes to having patience. I'm still working on that too. What else did I have on my list? Saving money... yeah, I'm finding that hard to do since my take home pay has decreased since taxes and healthcare increased. In the summer, paying day care for Zach and summer camp for'll take all of my paycheck. Being more social... slowly. I don't think there's anyone I'll consider a new friend though. I'm trying to get old friends back. Does that count? Me time... that's hard to come by. Some nights I have to decide weather I'm going to watch one of my shows or try to workout and then every 5 minutes Zach is yelling for something. Me time is sort of non-existent. I'm waiting for a good movie to come out and some extra time so I can go to the movies myself soon and watch something I actually want to watch. Oh, wait... no... back on the social thing... I think I'm close to considering my Bre a friend. She is going to illustrating my children's books. Ok, moving on....
I still haven't lost anymore weight, but I haven't gained either. I'm at a standstill for now. The first 5 pounds were easy. I'm kind of getting sick of salads and water. Here's how my week has been- banana for breakfast and usually a spinach salad for lunch with carrots for a snack. One day I made tuna salad sandwiches. Next week though, I'm having 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and I have no idea what for lunch. Dinner is the hard part.
I had plans to go see Mom tomorrow, but she got a lot more snow that I did and told me not to come. Donavan's 16th birthday is Tuesday. I need to go get him something.
Tony's truck is falling apart. One of his friends have been working on it for him. I feel bad for him because he doesn't have a job yet and now he's paying to fix his truck. He's thinking about going back out on the road. I wish he wouldn't but if he can't find a job here, he's going to have to.
I have a lot on my mind. Its racing like I just drank a tub of coffee or something. I have so much I want to talk about, but I don't think I can stay on track.
Lilly didn't have school today due to the snow. She was excited this morning. She's missing her spelling test. She has been doing fantastic in school. I'm a very proud momma.
Zach's new favorite words are "hello" and "alright" and when something isn't alright he says "no-right" and it cracks me up.
I love my babies. Part of me wishes I could stay home with them and spend every possible minute with them, but then part of me knows that I'm a working person and I'll go crazy if I stay home. Maybe after I get my first series of books going, I'll start making some money and can stay home. Then I'll be working and be home. I haven't gotten to write any this week. Its been a weird week. I'm going to try to work on it some more this weekend and then I can send Bre the first book next week. That's what I really want to do... I want to be a writer. I used to write all the time back in the day when I was less stressed out and had more time. I wrote mostly poetry, but there were a few short stories in there too. Every once in a while I'll pump something out of my brain, but not as often as I used to. I need to start looking around for publishing companies nearby. I'd hate to have to travel or something. Hopefully there's something close.
Since I'm not going to mom's this weekend, maybe I can work on getting the house to feel more homey. We have a lot of clutter and there's no cleaning the basement until we have a yardsale. Maybe that'll happen next month.
CJ is moving tomorrow. In this cold and snow. I'd love to go and help her especially since she's helped me move several times, but its just so cold and I don't really want the kids there. They wouldn't be able to help and I'd be more concentrated on what they were doing or where they were than I would be helping. I feel bad. I'm sure she's going to have plenty of help though. I just hope she doesn't try to lift anything too heavy.
What else could I possibly have to ramble about?
Oh, hubby's dad had surgery today. He had a hernia in his esophagus. I haven't heard anything yet. He was supposed to go in at 10:30 and its 3:30 now. I hope everything went ok.
Yep... I think that's all I have right now.

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