Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice cream boo boo

Today has just been dragging on. Its raining, I'm sleepy, I wanna go home and I have a foot lodged in my ribs.
Wednesday Lilly heard the ice cream truck and ran outside to see it go up the hill. She then decided to ask if she could have some money to get some ice cream. I said yes this time and grabbed a few bucks out of my purse. We went down into our yard to wait for the truck to come back down. When she heard the music, we got ready to go down a small grassy hill to the road where he would be. Well...I don't know if it was the excitement of the ice cream truck (she was really excited about it), or if the fire stations siren scared her (it went off at the exact same time she was coming down the hill), but she tumbled and scratched up her right foot pretty good. I helped her up and saw the blood pouring out of her foot, but she wanted ice cream from the truck. She was standing there waiting for him to pull up, with her hands over her ears, standing on one leg, crying, wanting to sit down, and yelling at me to give her the money. Nothing was going to stop her first experience at an ice cream truck. She was determined. I tried so hard not to giggle at her. I know she was in pain, but she was cracking me up. The siren finally stopped (Oh..we live literally right beside the fire station), and she went around the truck to pick her ice cream. She got the most expensive one. I paid $3 for Spongebob on a stick. She limped back to the house and I had her go into the bathroom so I could doctor her up all the while she was eating. I got her cleaned and bandaged up and she wanted to go back out on the porch to watch the ice cream truck some more. He had went back up the hill. She was walking fine all night and the next morning until I dropped her off at the Y. As soon as I told her that I was leaving, she started dragging her foot behind her. She doesn't really limp, she drags her foot. I told the teacher what happened. (the picture does not make it look as bad as it really was.)
I get another weekend to myself. Hubby's leaving today to go hunting with his dad. He's coming back late tomorrow just in time to go to a bachelor's party and I don't really expect to see him until Sunday sometime. He swears he'll be back Saturday night, just really late...but I doubt it. I was going to go to the book festival to see Nicholas Sparks, but I don't really wanna go by myself. I don't wanna have to deal with the traffic and its the only day of the week I won't have to drive back into the city.
I really wanna go home, but I wanna make sure I get 47 hours this week. I'm trying to make that my 'norm' hours. If I leave right now I would only have 45 hours for this week...which isn't bad...but I need the extra hours. I called the collection agency that's dealing with my big ER bill that is past due to see if I can get some kind of discount if I send in a big amount, like a settlement or something. She said that she has to send my request to the hospital and it might take a week before we hear anything back. I'm hoping they will take it down. I can give them $1,100 maybe even $1,200. I still owe them $2,093, but of course its only $1,908 that really means anything. Crossing my fingers!! If they will take it down by that much, then saving for Christmas isn't gonna be too difficult.
My next ultrasound is the 22nd.

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