Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I don't wanna go!

Another doc appt today. Today is the day I have to drink a bunch of crap to get my blood tested for diabetes. I have to drink the stuff and then wait an hour before they take my blood. Last time, I got sick and almost passed out. I don't even remember them taking my blood. I just remember yelling for the nurse. The doc did give me a pill to take to help me not get sick. I hope it helps. I'm already a bit sick today, but it could just be my nerves. I have an upset stomach and horrible hot flashes.
Lilly and hubby finally got to carve one pumpkin yesterday. She picked out a monster looking thing. There will probably be something a bit more difficult for the next one. The only thing she would really do is take the stuff out of the pumpkin. I got a few pics but its on my camcorder. She would grab a handful, say EW, and then sling it in the trash. Once she slung it all over me. Lilly didn't finish, I think she did a little over half and was done. She's such a girly girl when she wants to be. We were gonna keep the seeds again this year and roast 'em but at the last minute we decided against it. I wasn't a big fan of the roasted pumpkin seeds, but hubby seemed to like them. I'm not a big fan of anything pumpkin. I don't like pumpkin pie.
I can't believe that October is almost over!! What is going on with time? Its just flying by and I can't seem to catch it.
I don't know what the doc considered high protein...she told me to eat a high protein breakfast for today and then not eat anything else until after my appt. It sucks cuz today is the employee pot luck lunch. Everyone is brining something and we are ordering pizza. I get to stay at my desk and be sad about it. My boss makes this awesome chocolate cake. All the food is always so yummy...and you know it just pains a pregnant chick to know that there is tasty food next door and she can't touch it. I can smell the pizza they ordered. [sad face] Oh, back to the protein....I only got in about 12 grams of protein today. I don't know if that's enough or not. I ate 2 6 oz things of yogurt and a banana. I was gonna drink some milk too, but I ran out of time. Between trying to get my morning work done, the weekly morning meeting, and trying to start other things that need done...I ran out of breakfast time. 2 hours to go..... I tried to get my mom to come with me, but she can't. The only other person I have is my grandma and I'm sorry, but I don't want her there. If I do get sick and/or pass out she will freak and I can't do that to her.
I feel like I want to pass out now. I've been dizzy a lot these past couple of days.
My energy level is zero today. I even went to bed a little early last night. Of course I woke up like every 10 mins cuz hubby wasn't in bed with me. He was still up watching tv. I have no idea what time he came to bed. Haven't been sleeping well lately. Hubby's been out on fire calls until the wee hours of the morning, been having horrible dreams, and the baby keeps me up. I've heard that if you exercise more and be more active, you will have more energy. Well...I've tried that these past couple of days, and all I got was an upset stomach and a less sound sleep at night. Trick-or-treat is tomorrow!! Lilly's Halloween party is Friday. I was kinda hoping her father wouldn't want to come since he has her for trick or treat this year. I would like to go to her party and have that with her by myself. He gets the fun of taking her out all night tomorrow. I think I deserve just half an hour with her. But he is who he is. She's dressing as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year. That's what I wanted her to be last year when I had her, but she wanted to be a vampire. So this year she tells her father that she wants to be Dorothy. She told me she wants to be that cuz that's what I wanted her to be last time. I told her that she needs to be whatever she wants to be not what other people want her to be, but she said that she really does want to be Dorothy. Hopefully I'll get a few good pics in. Oh, and the Wizard of Oz is both of our favorite movie. We can watch it over and over again. I'm so glad that she loves that movie. I have someone to pass all my WOZ stuff down to now.
Ok...I guess I must go prepare myself now.

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  1. CUTE pumpkin! :)

    I bet her Dorothy costume will be SO adorable! I'm sad for you that you won't be taking her trick-or-treating :(

    Hope everything went great at the doctor!