Monday, October 25, 2010

Court and baby pics

Ok, well...court was today. He made his week on/week off argument and the judge basically laughed at him. She set the custody like this~
He gets her Thursdays after school and keeps her until Mondays, takes her to school...on the second and fourth weekend of each month. I get her every week and the first and third weekends...and when there's a fifth weekend. I didn't really get what I wanted. I mean, I did get more time with her, but I was trying to make it where he didn't take her to school at all. This way I know she is well rested and her school work gets done. I told him when we got out that if he would have just went with what I suggested he would have ended up with more time. I was trying to not make him an every other weekend father, but since he wanted to fight me, that's what he is. The judge didn't say anything about the child support. I don't know how we are going to end up doing the holidays, the judge said that was up to us, but if it was her she would just let the holidays be. Like if a holiday fell on his time, it was solely his time and I wouldn't see her at all. The only problem is, trick-or-treat and Christmas all fall on his time...every year. Until Christmas is on Tuesday or Wednesday..but its always on the fourth week. Trick or treat here is always the Thursday closest to Halloween. This year, its this Thursday. I hope he won't be a jerk when it comes to the holidays. If he wants I will sacrifice one of my weekends during the months of the problem holidays just to have that day split like we have now. We'll see I guess. I gotta give him time to calm down before I go badgering him about the holidays that are a month away. This schedule is not going into effect until Veteran's Day. I guess that's when he'll pick her up on Thursday and bring her back on Monday.
Doc appt on Friday went great. The baby got the hiccups while they were trying to do his echo, so it took longer than usual. His growth is great, he weighs 2.1 pounds right now. His heart is great, there was no shadow this time. That was about all they could tell me. I gotta wait 'til Wednesday for my doctor's appt to know more. Here's some pics......

I told hubby that if he is still wanting to give him any family name, I must insist on it being his middle name, not his first. He said that Alexander doesn't sound right as a first name, I asked him to clarify what he meant cuz to me it sounds ok...but he couldn't. I think I got him thinking about his name for the middle name now. I had first told him absolutely no on his name...cuz its his name, his dad's name, one of his uncle's names, and a cousin... but now that I told him it can be the middle name, I think he is considering it. I told him it was my compromise. Make it the middle name instead of just saying NO since I didn't want to name the baby after anyone in either one of our families. I want him to have his own name...but I compromised.

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