Friday, October 8, 2010

So, I feel stupid

So I finally went and got my car inspected since my sticker has been dead for almost a week. I got off work a little late yesterday, so I wasn't sure if anyone was going to be able to do it. I pulled in to one garage kinda close to home 40 minutes before they were going to close. I asked for an inspection, the guy pulled my car into the bay, lifted it up, and I went into the waiting area to sit and be bored. There was no tv and the only magazines in there were for I just sat there. The guy comes in and tells me I need new back breaks and a new tire rod end, but he doesn't have time to do it. He says it'll take an hour and they close in half an hour. I ask him if I can just come back Saturday and he said that if I do that then I wouldn't be able to go to work Friday cuz he has to give me a rejection sticker and with that I can't drive around. I honestly didn't know anything about a rejection sticker, I just always thought that if you didn't pass inspection you just didn't get a new sticker. I've never failed an inspection before. So I was stuck. He was telling me I needed things done, but there was no time to do it. I thought about just taking the rejection sticker and having hubby fix what was wrong and then go back, but it would have been hard to tell when he would have gotten around to it and I would be stuck with a rejection sticker and not driving anywhere. After a while the guy says, "Do you want me to try to fix it before we close?" Well.....DUH!!! So he and 2 other guys go to work on my car and ten mins before they close they are done. It cost me $235!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it. I asked him why it was so high and he said the breaks were $100, the tire rod end was $50, then you got the labor cost ($60) and the inspection. I told him that I can get breaks at Advanced Auto Parts for half that price and gave him a dirty look. All he did was shrug his shoulders. I wanted to slap him. Reluctantly, I paid and left. I told hubby and he wasn't happy. Well...I'm sorry, but ya know what? You knew my sticker died in September, you had my car for 5 whole days "fixing" it, you could have taken a peek at a few of the things to see if they needed replaced. So then I got upset because I felt like I should have known better or asked more questions or called my dad to see if what they were doing and charging sounded right. I don't know that much about cars and these guys knew it. They could have came out and told me any kind of BS and I wouldn't know any better. I know enough about cars to get me through. I can change the oil and a tire. I can check and add more fluid.... but other than that I know nothing. Lets just say that I am not going there again.
But I do have an orange sticker now that I think it very appropriate for Halloween! LOL

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  1. Automotive guys... just can't be trusted.

    It seems like it's everyone associated with cars. The repair guys consistently try to rip you off, salesman try to jack up prices...