Friday, October 22, 2010

Movin' baby

Went home early yesterday due to my cold, or sinuses. My head was stuffy and all, but I also had cold chills, so it could have been a cold. I didn't take my temp to see if I had a fever. I went home and tried to sleep, but I was just so uncomfortable.
Last night, I put on one of those breathe right strips and it didn't really do anything for a while. I did manage to slip into a light sleep. I kept getting woken up by hubby's snoring. Most nights I find his snoring cute and soothing, but last night it was kinda getting on my nerves. I was just so tired. About 2am something made a weird popping sound in my nose and it was like a river. I rushed to grab a tissue thinking my nose was bleeding, but it wasn't. I guess my sinuses were clearing up all at once. After the river, I could breathe again....a little too well. It was at the point where it was hurting to breathe. Like I could feel the air go up through my nose and touch my brain. I know that sounds odd...but that's what it felt like.
The baby has been making some weird movements during the night. They are like short, constant, rapid movements. I was wondering if unborn babies can have seizures or something. That's what his movements remind me of. Its not his regular kicking and rolling and its not hiccups, its like he is 'thrashing' around or shivering something. I'm worried about it. I'm definitely going to ask the doc about this. I don't know if the ultrasound technicians will know, but I'll ask them today.
He is awake more often these days. I don't really get a lot of down time. He is a very active baby. I'm curious to find out which way he is laying. My belly hurts a lot today...the stretching sensation. It sucks. I think he is just laying whichever way he can to be laying on my bladder.
He recognizes voices. He jumps and kicks when hubby or Lilly talk. Lilly likes to sing to him. She thinks if she sings into my belly button that he can hear her better. Hubby is just a loud talker, especially if he's talking about something he is excited about. He also bumps around when I play Metallica. No other music makes him move. I've tried just about everything. I've tried some orchestra music, all kinds of country, all kinds of pop, a little rap, heavy metal...but the only thing he responds to is Metallica. The baby's gonna come out with a tattoo on his upper arm. lol
I took a video yesterday of him bumping around. He was moving a lot...until I took out my camera, but isn't that how it always works out? I tried sending the video to my computer so I can post it on here, but my phone is being complicated. I guess the only videos I can send anywhere have to be 15 seconds or shorter. I've sent a 15 second video before. I can send longer ones via bluetooth, but I can't bluetooth it to my computer.
I'm going to have to experiment posting on here with my phone so I can update while on maternity leave.
Ultrasound in an hour!!!!!

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