Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its only Tuesday....

I can feel the difference now from when I take my prenatal vitamins and when I don't. I forgot to take 'em last night and now I am so tired and barely functioning. I'm always tired, but there comes a point in my tiredness that I just can't go on anymore and I'm almost at that breaking point right now.

Heartburn has gotten worse too. I've come to the terms that yes, I do need to take Tums. I hate Tums. I did find a flavor that I can tolerate. Still not a big fan of it. Although I'd rather gag on Tums then deal with the burning sensation in my throat all day. I do have this one spot on my chest, right underneath my collar bone, that if I push it the heartburn stops. Its nice, I don't have to take any Tums or feel the burn, but I now have a bruise there.

I have this strong urge to go to the mall. I could walk there right now, but its raining. I don't have any money to really buy anything unless its specifically for Christmas (I'll use my Christmas account money), but I just wanna go and look around. They were suppose to put in a Toys-R-Us in the mall and I wanna check that out and see if any other stores are having a good sale, but I know if I go, I will buy something. I am going to take Lilly shopping tomorrow for some jeans. She has some, but not enough. She has grown a bit since last year. She can still fit into a few pair of old jeans and she does have some that I bought a couple weeks ago, but she needs more. She tends to get holes in the knees of blue jeans very easily. It seemed like every time I got her back last year from her father's house, she had holes in her jeans. I'm half tempted to just send her to his house in jeans that already have holes so I don't have to worry about it.

This is the week that hubby is working much over time. Yesterday he got off at 7:30, worked 12 hours, but then he didn't get home 'til 9. There was a house fire in the area at 5:00. As soon as me and Lilly got home, the siren went off. We live right beside the fire station, so its really hard not to hear it. Anyway, turned out it was an ex fire fighter of hubby's station. He set his own house on fire, while he was still inside and then shot himself in the head. He was drinking heavily and was very depressed. I don't think they will tell the whole story on the news. They did imply that he set his own house on fire, but that was it. I didn't know him, at least I don't recognize the name.

I kinda hate to say it, but it seems like me and Lilly get along better when its just us two. We don't even turn the tv on. Yesterday we came home, did her homework, fixed and ate dinner, she practiced her letters and sang songs to me, we made cookies, we played the wii, she took a shower, we played Uno and then she went to bed. No fusses, no fighting... just fun and giggles. Ok...so there was one fight, but nothing big. She was wanting candy for a bedtime snack after I had already set some peaches in front of her. I told her this is her last night with a bedtime snack, she is no longer a baby. If she is hungry before bed, she can have more dinner. I told her that she can eat her peaches, she finally did. She was asleep before I got out of the shower. I guess I wore her out. Good thing too, cuz I have more things planned for today when we get home. We would go shopping today for her some jeans, but we are having lasagna for dinner and that will take a while to make....so we will go tomorrow. I have no idea what we are having for dinner tomorrow. Depends on how late hubby works I guess. At least tonight, dinner might still be warm when he gets home since it takes forever to cook.

I was trying to keep my texts that Lilly's father and me send back and forth, so I can bring some stuff up in court if needed, but..... my phone deleted all my outbox texts that are more than 2 weeks old. I still have all my inbox texts, but I don't think those are gonna do any good without the responses. Stupid phone.

I found a job online yesterday that made me cry when I saw it. It pays so good, its only part-time and its something I know I would love to do.....but after further investigation today, the pay that was on the site wasn't the base beginning pay. Its what you could potentially make later on and its counting commissions. I can't have a job that's solely based on commissions. I need a good base pay, so I know what I can or cannot afford. So anyway...the job search is still on. I might still look further into that, full time, for a different company. I still think it is the job meant for me. We'll see

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