Monday, October 18, 2010

The baby had hiccups or something last night around 2 am. He was moving in weird rapid motions and I couldn't sleep. I woke him up at 7 this morning. I'm trying to get him on a good schedule where everyone wins.
I'm so incredibly proud of hubby. He had every chance to go to a strip club Saturday with the bachelor party, but he didn't go. Granted he was a little sick, but he still didn't go..
Gotta peek at Lilly's grades today. They post them online where I can go look at them. Math-100% Reading- 97% Science-100% Social Studies-100%. So proud of her. We're gonna work on her weak spots to try to improve her reading before report cards go out. Her grades are great and I am so proud.
I feel great today. I remembered to take my vitamins last night after forgetting for about a week. Didn't sleep well, but I still feel great. I'm not really all that tired.
Lilly's school is having family night book fair tonight. They are even having dinner. We won't stay for dinner, but I'm gonna go get her some books. I'm not spending more than $50 on books there. The prices are outrageous! We'll probably only be able to get like 3 books. I was looking last Monday at some of the books and there was this one book that was wanting to get her, but then I looked at the price....$17 for like 10 pages with only a few words on each page. I'm gonna let her take $10 of her own money if she wants, and get a book or anything that she really wants. I've already told her that I'm not buying any books that have to do with tv, like iCarly, because she's already seen the episode that the book is about.... but with her $10 she can get anything, even if its something I said no to. I'm pretty sure she'll end up getting one of those books. The tv books are only $4 though.
The Y does this thing where if the kids are good they get "character bucks." Well...Lilly was racking them up, but when I went and looked today, her name was almost empty. She said they took 50 bucks away because she didn't do a project. I feel bad for her, but she's gotta learn. They use the character bucks for a store at the end of each month that the school age teachers put together. The kids can use their money to buy stuff. I have no idea what she got last month. She's got some time left to build up some more bucks.
Sometimes I wonder if people can see the baby kick and move around while I'm standing there talking to them. The kicks are good enough where I can see them, and I just wonder if other people can see them or are paying attention. I think it'll be funny to see. A girl just standing there trying to have a conversation with co-workers...and then out of the corner of your eye, her stomach jumps at you. You try not to stare at her stomach, but you can tell that its moving. HA
Oh...and Lilly's foot from her ice cream truck accident is much better. Its not even bruised.

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