Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here!

I've noticed that I am carrying higher with this baby. I've heard the saying that if you're carrying high, its a boy and if you're carrying wide, its a girl. I just thought it was one of those sayings that didn't really mean anything.... that people decided to come up with a saying to determine what the baby was. I didn't know that it was true...well...its true for me anyway. I wasn't necessarily "wide" with Lilly, but I didn't carry this high with her. Its like he just wants to hang out in my rib cage and it shows. My stomach above my belly button is sticking out way more than the rest of my stomach. I've also noticed that when I wear regular clothes, you can't tell I'm pregnant at all. But as soon as I put on some maternity pants or a maternity shirt-I look like I'm 9 months pregnant. I know that maternity clothes is suppose to accentuate your belly, but by that much? I'm wearing maternity pants to work for the first time today, not cuz I have to..I just wanted to, and wow...I bet I'm gonna get some comments today about my growing belly.
I get to see my bff tomorrow!!! We have no idea what we are going to do or how much time we are gonna have together, but I'm still excited. I haven't seen her August 14. Things are always so rushed when she comes in. She has so many people she wants to visit with and so many things she has to do. This time she has a wedding to go to and a brand new baby to see. Her boyfriend's brother just had his baby 2 days ago.
Happy October!!! I love October. I love the feel of fall, the cool air, the crunchy leaves....I love it all. Lets see what is on my calendar for this month so far..... hang out with my bff tomorrow, I gotta get my inspection sticker since it expired yesterday, 3 birthdays, the book festival that Nicholas Sparks is going to be at, a pink pumpkin contest for breast cancer awareness (October is breast cancer awareness, btw), I have court again at the end of the month, a doc appointment next Friday, a 3 day weekend for me and a 4 day weekend for Lilly, gonna go see my mom, there's a book festival today at work, and I'm getting my hair cut. Sounds busy, but its not. Not compared to September. Last month there was babies, cookouts, family reunions, cookouts, classes, tons of birthdays...... fun.

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