Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swollen feet, aching back was

I did my usual here at work and then I went to go pick up Lilly. They were just about to start playing some games so I let her stay and play. Half an hour later we left the Y and went to Walmart to get Lilly some clothes. She needed some pants and a couple long sleeve shirts. We tried on almost every pair of pants in that store and only found a few that fit her well enough to buy. They are still long, but we can deal with that. She is either a size 7 or 8 in little girls clothes, it just depends on the brand...but whenever we found a pair that fit her around the waist, it was too tight around the legs. I made her sit Indian style for each pair to see if they were tight. (Ya know, I don't think they are calling it Indian style anymore. Lilly calls it sitting "criss-cross applesauce") I think we managed to find 3 pair that fit her ok and I bought one pair that was a bit big around the waist just in case she decided to sprout over night. She still has some jeans that fit from last year.

After almost 2 hours in the store we left to go eat. The traffic was so bad, not only were we stuck in the after work rush traffic, but there was a wreck and it was homecoming for the middle school. It took us half an hour to go a mile. Finally after listening to mine and Lilly's stomach growl for so long, we made it to the buffet style restaurant that Lilly wanted to go to. We ate, but I didn't leave much of a tip. Sorry but we hardly saw our 'waitress.' First she gave Lilly flat Sprite and it took me 15 minutes to track her down to get it fixed, then she brings us a cup with a hole in the top and disappears. We don't see her again.

Traffic was better on our way home, she takes a quick shower and then hubby comes home. She shows him her clothes, we play a quick game and she goes to bed. I get ready to take a shower and then I notice my feet are so swollen that my ankles have indentations of my socks. My feet and ankles were so puffy and I can feel it in my legs this morning as well. I am swollen from my legs down to my toes this morning and I ache all over. My back is killing me, my hips are sore, my feet feel like they're gonna burst, my head is pounding and every time I bend over or sit down...I have a foot or a head or a butt in my ribs. I need to be more careful. I was on my feet all day at work and then I don't get to sit down (except to drive and eat) until 9:00 at night. That's 15 hours straight on my feet with my belly unbalancing me. My belly still isn't big at all, but I can tell that my weight has shifted and I mostly put my weight on heels instead of balancing it all over my foot. I asked my doctor during my last visit what I should do about my swelling and all she said was drink more water (I don't think that's possible) and prop my feet up more...another thing that not possible in my life. But Lilly had fun yesterday and that's all that matters. Seeing her have a good time keeps a smile on my face.

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