Monday, June 25, 2012

Another day

So, I went to try to get the papers started for our loan, but they didn't get them drawn up yet. It should be ready today. YAY! I had a talk with hubby about moving. I told him I'm excited and scared at the same time. I want to cry and dance. It'll be the first time Lilly will be in a room by herself. For the past 7 years, she's always been in my room. Even at her father's house, she shares a room with her sister. And there's so much space in that house. We are used to being cramped up and not being able to walk around without bumping into each other. I'm going to end up losing track of Zach a million times. Mom told me she's going to get me a bell to hang around Zach's neck. Made me laugh. The really good thing that I like about the house is that there is a door that you can close to keep the kids out of the basement. I don't have to worry about Zach falling down the stairs..... until he can open the door.
We have enough furniture. Hubby had some stuff at his sister's in her garage and I asked to go see it while we were down there Friday for his nephew's birthday. We have the rest of Lilly's bedroom. There's a dresser and a table. Then we have 2 good looking chairs that kind of match my couch and love seat that I have in storage. Then there's 2 more chairs and a couch that can go in the basement for seating down there. We also have 2 recliners, one tan and one blue that matches the couch and love seat that we are currently using. The blue one will probably go in the basement and the tan one in the living room. The couch that we are using now is in bad shape, so it'll just get thrown out, but the love seat is in good condition. It might end up in the basement too. The plan is to finish up the basement and make the big room a play room, so a lot of seating is needed.
I asked the mortgage lady if there was a chance that we wouldn't get the loan and she said that since we are preapproved, there's a very slim chance that we won't get it.
Lilly called me yesterday from the beach. She's having fun. They got there late Saturday and she spent most of Sunday at the beach. She said that everyone got sunburned but her. I hope it stays that way. Not everyone else getting sunburned, but for her to not be. I put her on speaker on my phone so Zach could talk to her and he cried instead. He misses his sister. We'll get her back in 6 days. I'm glad she's having fun and wasn't calling me crying saying she wants to come home. She did that to me last time she went to the beach, but she was 3 or 4 then. I told her this time would be better because she is older.
I also discussed his hubby how we're going to surprise Lilly with the house. I was really wanting to have her bed, furniture and toys in her room before we took her. Just pick her up one day and tell her we're going to look at a house and then when she walks in, she'll see her stuff. I told him that's what I would like to do, but it'll be hard. We decided on surprising her just like that but instead of having all that stuff in her room, we'll only put in a few toys like her favorite stuffed animals and the picture she has of the first time she held Zach.
I think as soon as I know we have the loan, I'm going to start to slowly pack up some stuff that we don't need in the next couple weeks. I'll pack up all my books, all the extra cups and dishes, our movies and games, some clothes, and just some odds and ends. It'll make the whole packing process a bit easier. I just don't know where I'll store the boxes. I don't have any room to stack them in the apartment.

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