Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well.... Today's my birthday. Yep. I was actually going to stop there and post but I have more to say. As most of you already know, I'm not big on celebrating my birthday. I don't expect anything special today. It's just another day. I did stop and get a mocha this morning. That's my first treat to myself. My first break in my diet today. I am planning on an extra special day just for me on my anniversary. Yea, I'm gonna celebrate with hubby too but while he's at work, it's MY day. I'm taking the day off, taking kids to day care, gonna take a super long nap, eat junk food, rent a movie then go get my hair done. I don't think hubby is interested in zip lining anymore. I think he chickened out. I think he was expecting me to chicken out but I really want to do it. I'll get someone to go with me one day I know my uncle and my brother Chris had done it before, so they can go with me.
Lilly has a hair appointment today. She's getting it cut above her shoulders and layered. She's excited. She really hates brushing her hair because if all the tangles but if it's shorter it'll be easier. She also got sunburned real bad under her eyes yesterday while she was at the pool. I made sure to have a talk with the teachers today about her and sunscreen. I have to do it all the time. They should know. She didn't get burned anywhere else so that's good.
Not really sure what else to talk about. I have a lot to do at work today and I just kinda wish I would have stayed in bed.

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