Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lilly's haircut

Lilly loves her hair now and now that it's shorter it doesn't take her forever to get ready in the morning. The majority of our morning was get brushing and crying over he hair but not anymore.
My birthday was ok. I was lazy at work and ate foods I really shouldn't have. We went out to Fridays for dinner with hubby parents. I got my bathroom scale that I wanted and hubby bought me a cheesecake. And soooo many people wished me happy birthday, thanks do much you guys.
Going to visit mom tomorrow, so there won't be any post tomorrow. I gotta have Lilly make some fathers day cards for grandpas.
We called to make an offer on the house yesterday. They are selling it for $140,000 and we offered $130,000 just to start out. The guy said he had some phone calls to make then he'd let us know. It's his mother in laws house and she's bedridden right now. He had to talk to her if she can, his wife and his brother in law about the price. Hopefully he'll call us back today. He said he doubts they'll go that low but we'll see. We can go up all the way, but what fun us that? We gotta try to get the house for as low as we can. Hopefully I'll post some good news tomorrow.

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