Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun times

I took Friday off to take the kids to visit my family. We got up early and got ready before we went to go pick Tony up. I dropped him off at my step dads house where Seth and Donavan were. Then I went to moms with my kids. I let them play in the creek. Zach had a blast but lilly was scared that her ties were going to get pinched.
After moms I went to my step dads to spend time with my brothers. Then we left and u took tony home before going home myself.
Nothing really happened at moms. She didn't preach at me. I tried to keep all topics about the kids.
I taught Zach how to flap his arms and say Bok Bok.
Saturday hubby and I took the kids to a carnival. They both rode on pints and petted goats and a llama. Zach lived the rides. There was one ride with a car that I had to pry him out of. He threw a fit. I think next year Lilly will be ready for the bigger rides. I thought she was ready this year but she didn't want to.
We went to grandmas to drop Lilly off to her father and she got a little sick. Corn dogs from a carnival was a bad idea. Both her and Zach got a bit suck. They didn't vomit but they had a bad tummy ache. Hubby even got a little sick from his cheese steak sandwich.
Sunday we ended up at my in laws.
Ok.... U ready? We are signing the contract to the house today. We came to a price that everyone agreed on and now it's time to move further. Our next step is to sign the contract so we can begin the process of trying to get a loan. We are pre approved but there's still a small chance we won't get it. During the time that we are waiting for our loan to go through, we have to get an appraisal done and the guy has to clean the house out. Woooohoooo!!
Enjoy pics.

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