Thursday, June 7, 2012

Relay's tomorrow!

I was really going to post early this morning, but I've been crazy busy. All except the for the free massage I got and then the sermon mom preached to me because she said I'm not living right since I don't go to church. She always does this to me when she starts to go to church again. She'll stop in a month or two, then a year or so later, she'll be preching to me again. I told her about my end of the world dream where I couldn't find Lilly and she said, "You know, when the time comes for the world to end all the kids and Christains will be taken away and all the non-Chirstains will be left to fend for themselves." I said, "Ok?" "Well that you'll be without Lilly and Zach." I said, "No, I wouldn't. I'm a Christain, I'll be with them." "No you won't. You're not a Christain. You don't live your life right." "What's that supposed to mean Mom?" "You don't go to church." "Mom, you don't have to go to church to be a Christian. You just have to believe and worship. Its not about going to church. God is everywhere, so he is wherever you are." Then she says, "Do you know what it feels like to know that if the world does end soon, all my kids will be left here on Earth to die off and I'll be sitting peacefully with God." I then changed the subject to my other dream with the orange soda. She drives me crazy sometimes. She'll get like this every once in a while. Tell me I'm a bad person or a bad mom and that I'm going to hell and all this stuff. I'm not, I'm not and nope, I'm still not. She talks about me not taking my kids to church. No, I don't, but Lilly knows all about God and we talk about Him and everything. She knows. When Zach gets old enough, he will too, but I just choose not to go to church. The day care they are in does a little bit of Bible teachings, too. I didn't tell Mom that. I didn't want her to get mad about that for some reason.
Ok... time to get off this subject.
Tomorrow is Relay and I can't be more excited. I tried to tell some people about it and get them to come, but I doubt any of them will show up. I'll post pics and everything about it on Monday.
Saturday Lilly has a game and we were going to do a fun night that the city holds with Jupiter Jumps and an outside movie. Sunday I was going to visit mom, even though she's going to preach and shake the Bible at me, I'm still going. There's also going to be a petting zoo down at one of the stores that day. So, I'll take the kids to that. The petting zoo is traveling, so if for some reason I don't go to mom's, we'll still catch the zoo another time.
My car started messing up a little this morning. I think the transmission is trying to go out. Great. Just another thing to worry about.
Hubby called the guy that's selling the house and he's flying out of town until Tuesday, so we're going to get to sit down with him and discuss numbers on Wednesday or Thursday. so...WOOOO! At least its a step forward.
The massage therapist, as soon as she touched my shoulders said, "Oh!" I said what then she said, "You're really tensed and knotted up especially on your right side." I told her that's the side I carry my baby and she started rubbing and gets that pesky knot out of my shoulder that's been there forever. Then as she moves down my back, she hits another knot, but I laugh because it tickles, so she left that one alone. I felt so good after. It was my first real massage. She was telling me foods to avoid to help me not get migraines. Cheese-no problem. Wine-no problem. Beer-no problem. Anything pickled-WHAT? Nope I can't do that. She gave me the weirdest look then laughed at me. Glad I could amuse you, lady. No, she was great.
Oh, also going to get Lilly's hair cut this weekend, unless softball schedules some games that was cancled, but I don't think they will. She'll be happy to get it chopped off. I'll be sure to post a pic on here.

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