Friday, June 22, 2012

I Feel Like Dancing

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but I was a bit busy. And no... no pics of WV today.
Yesterday marked my 4 year anniversary. It was a good day. I got up, took Zach to day care, came home and took a shower, ate breakfast and then I got my hair done. It took 3 hours! One hour was just to cut my hair. I got about 12 inches cut off, got it layered and highlights put in. Then she curled it for me for free because it was my anniversary. I've never had highlights before. I like it. I as a bit scared that hubby wouldn't like it. After my hair was done, I rushed home and changed into a dress a haven't worn in years and painted my toes blue to match the dress. I put on some make up and then just sat on the couch waiting for hubby to come home. He came home and he just kind of stared at me. I was getting worried that he didn't like it. I got all sad and asked him if he didn't like it and he looked confused. He didn't even see my hair! He was more focused on me wearing a dress. After he saw my hair, he told me to get up so he could see all of and he said he was really happy with it.
We signed the papers to the house Wednesday night. Everything went smoothly. I'm going today to get the loan process started. I think I have everything. Hubby just has to come by and sign the papers later.
1000 Awesome Things is back!! Neil is posting all the same things, but with new stories and we can all comment again. I'm glad. I have new stories to share relating to a lot of the posts. I think doing this will bring out a lot of new people too.
I was supposed to be off work today, but boss needed me to come in because the only other person that can do input is off work too. I don't know why I was asked to come in, but whatever. I don't care. There's another vacation day that I can reserve for moving. Oh, the closing date is July 25!!
Here's some pics of my hair before and after. I'm sorry if its out of order again, but I'm sure you can tell the difference. The thing that surprised me was that as long as my hair was, it was even.


  1. OMG! Your new hair-do looks gorgeous! There's a program here for hair to wigs, do you have that there and were your locks donated? I can imagine the cut and colour frames your face BEAUTIFULLY! How about a face view:)

  2. Yes, I donated my hair. It goes to a program to make wigs for kids. This is the second time I've donated. 2 years ago I donated 16 inches. That kid got a nice long wig.
    I was going to post a face view... but she cut my bangs a bit too short and it makes my face look a bit square. After they grow out a little, I'll post a picture. (square face, lol)