Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday already?

Wow..... A lot happened.
Relay was great, the kids were great and had lots of fun. Time really seemed to fly this year. Lilly did some games and contests and jumped in the Jupiter jumped for a bit. She even tried out Zumba but said it was too hard. Zach danced his little butt off. He got in front of the stage where the band was playing and just jumped and wiggled. We stayed long enough to do the luminary ceremony, but we had to go. It was really late, Zach was tired.
Saturday I was going to get lillys hair cut after her game but every placed closed at 3 and her game started at 2 so there was no way. I'll get her scheduled for tomorrow. She did awesome in the game. She didn't strike out this time. She made 3 runs too. Zach even behaved during the game even though it was really hot. After the game we all went to Wendy's for a frosty and the coach gave all the kids medals.
The fire station was having their annal boot drive and hot dog sale saturday too. I took the kids there for lunch. The ladder truck was out spraying water for the kids to run through too.
Sunday I cleaned the house up real good. It looks better than its looked in a really long time. I didn't get to go to moms because my car was acting up and hubby wanted to look at it before I drive that far. I plan on taking Friday off to take the kids up there. After hubby got home from work we went to his moms house so he and his dad could work in my car and the kids played in a sprinkler. Zach was unsure about it at first and still wouldn't willingly get in the water after a while. I kept throwing balls in the water and hed go get them.
Tony called me last night and we talked for an hour an a half. I haven't talked to him like that in a long time. He got his first car but he can't drive it yet because he doesn't have his license and it's a stick shift and hasn't learned how to drive that kind yet. We talked about our parents, the past, his girlfriend, I got the real story behind Chris and everything that happened, we talked about when I raised him, our brothers, what he's going to do after he can drive, his disappointment in some people and so much more. It felt great to have a conversation like that with him.
Lilly's going dress shopping with her soon to be step mom today.
Yeah.... So here's some pictures in no particular order.

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