Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Weird Dream

Another day, another dollar down the hole. I just got paid today and I can't believe my eyes. Ok, I'd like to say that I can't believe my eyes, but this country is going down the toilet, so I can believe it. I'm already struggling as it is and they had to go raise my taxes and my healthcare. My deductions this time around is almost as much as I got to take home. I just.. I'm speechless. I've applied to 3 jobs today in hopes of either more pay or a better health insurance plan.... or something. A couple weeks ago, I applied to work for the state and am expecting them to make a decision this month. If I don't hear anything soon, I know it wasn't me that they chose. I'm starting to regret who I voted for for president even though he didn't get the electorial votes from my state. Flabbergasted.
I do believe that's the first time I've used that word...
I had a very weird dream last night and I woke up feeling that it was so real. I was in between awake and asleep when I had this dream, I think that's why it felt so real. Hubby woke me up (in real life) when he was getting ready for work, like usual. I fell back to sleep, as usual and then I heard noises. I was either dreaming or they were real, I can't tell. I think it was still him shuffling around the house. I remember feeling scared and seeing a shadow of a figure in my bedroom, awake or asleep, I'm not sure. Coulda been hubby, but I coulda been dreaming. After the shadow left, it came back again.. I'm sure I was sleeping this time because I said something and it darted out of the room very quickly. But still.. at the time, I thought that it was real. I woke up and unplugged my phone, putting it beside me in bed knowing that my alarm was going to go off soon, in real life. Fell back to sleep. All this happens in a matter of minutes and then the weird dreams start, where I'm half awake and it feels real. Something grabs the blankets off me, grabs my arm, gets behind me and pushes me out of bed. I can't see anything or anyone. A bunch of really weird noises then come from my bathroom. I leave my room to go to Lilly's room and wake her up. I take her to Zach's room and there I use the house phone (we don't have a house phone) to call hubby's cell. It goes straight to voicemail. I peek out of Zach's room and then the sweeper in the hallway comes on my itself, the tv in the living room comes on, all the cabinets in the kitchen open and I poke my head back in the bedroom and try to call hubby again. Voicemail. There's loud banging on the door the exact time that he calls me back and I tell him that I can't live in this house anymore, that there's something there. He thinks I'm joking. Noises start coming from Zach's room, so I take the kid and run to my bedroom where I grab a Bible, open it up to no particular page, hold it up and say "I command thee to leave this room permanently and immediately!!" while I'm still holding the phone with hubby on the line. I then go to my bathroom and do the same. I tell the kids to stay in the bedroom while I head to Lilly's room where everything is coming on and making static noises. I do it there too. As I'm saying the words, the noise gets louder, but after they are said, the noises stop. I do this in every room and then I wake up.. in real life. I sit up straight in my bed and look around at the blankets that are still on me. I look towards the kitchen and its pitch black. I knew it was a dream, but it felt so real and when I woke up, I was so confused. And for me to remember it in such detail is weird. I haven't watched anything scary in a long time and I didn't eat anything weird yesterday or late at night. I don't know why I would have such a dream and have it feel so real.

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