Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doing Good

Zach's feeling much better. He still can't breathe at night, which makes for a restless night for the both of us. I give him medication, I use a Vicks humidifier and rub Vicks rub on him. He had a small fever last night, but that could have been caused from the crying. He was crying because he was congested, but the more he cried, the worse it got. Poor guy. I really hope this clears up soon. I feel so bad for him. I'm exhausted and I know he is too.
I did the Wii for 30 minutes last night. I did the free step and burned 145 calories. Today for lunch I had a spinach salad and walked 2.15 miles. I burned 266 calories.  I'm not feeling particularly well right now either. My stomach is doing flip flops. I ate a banana for breakfast and some peanuts for a snack. I've drank 2 24 ounce cups of water so far today along with a bit of coffee. Either I'm cutting too many calories from my diet or I'm getting the virus that's been going around. I hope I'm not getting sick. I'd worry about the kids too much if I did. How can you keep a toddler away from his sick mother when he knows she's just laying in bed? He'd want to crawl in bed with me and cuddle and cry when he wasn't allowed.
Zach has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so I'll be coming into work late. Its just his 2 year check up.
I've started a weight loss support group on Facebook and I think its going pretty well. I'm posting daily weight loss tips and daily recipes. We share our workouts, our gains and losses and anything else weight loss related or heath related. So far I only have 7 people in my group, but I just started it last night.
Ok.. this one is short... my stomach is doing weird things.......

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