Friday, January 11, 2013

Its raining not snowing

My walk yesterday was quite short. I was afraid of getting caught out in the rain, but it never rained. I walked a little more than a mile and ended up getting a veggie sub at Subway on my way back to work. Last night I ate a deer steak and too much rice. I love rice. I can't go walking today since its raining. I ate 3 cheese roll ups and I cheated this morning and ate a cream cheese danish for breakfast. I've only drank water today though. I'm going to have to try to jump on the Wii tonight. I haven't lost any more weight.
Thinking about leaving work early to take Tony to the DMV to take his driving test. Its either that or go before noon tomorrow. If I can talk him in to going today, I won't waste more gas coming back to town. 20 miles. 40 miles round trip from my house to his. Then the gas to the DMV, probably 10 miles in another direction. Ok, looks like I can leave work in 1 1/2 hours to get my whole 40 hours in and he said we could go today. Its raining, so I'll be driving there, but I'll let him drive around the DMV a little to get the feel of my car. Now, I can spend all day Saturday with hubby and Zach. Hubby's wanting to go birthday shopping. There's still some decorations and gifts we need to get and I'm not sure if he wants to go ahead and get the food and stuff or not.
Last night at about 7:30, I told Zach that it was time to get him into his PJ's and change his diaper and calm down since it was almost night night time. He looked at me all excited and said, "Go night night" and he ran toward his room. By the time I got in there, he had a clean diaper in his hand and was standing at his bed. He was ready to go to bed. So, I changed him and put him in the crib and covered him up. He cuddled with his sock monkey and wanted his cup of milk. He watched tv for a little bit and was asleep by 9:30. Its weird that he was actually excited to go to bed.
Now, I'm going to job hunt for Tony.

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