Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zach is 2 years old now

The party went well. About 35 people showed up and only one of Zach's friends from day care. Zach lasted without a nap, he was a bit grouchy and a little clingy to me, but I think he did ok. I was up late Saturday night making the Mickey shaped cookies, coloring the icing, and cutting out Mickey shaped decorations. I think he had a lot of fun. He wasn't interested in decorating his cookie, but the other kids loved the idea. They were slapping on the icing and pouring on the sprinkles. Zach wasn't interested in opening gifts either. It took us forever to coax him into getting at least the guests gifts unwrapped. All that was left was our and hubby's mom's and I told hubby to just give him is Big Wheel. After he got his Big Wheel, he wouldn't get off of it. His legs are still a little too short to reach the pedals. Lilly ended up finishing opening his gifts. It was a good party. Everything went great. I invited some friends that I hadn't seen in about 10 years and they came with their kids. I was so happy they showed up. Now, its time to start planning for Lilly's and buying her stuff.
Hubby is still not at work. I won't start worrying until the end of the week if we still haven't heard anything.
I've lost 5 pounds since the new year!! I'm buckling down hard this week too. I bought a bunch of fruit and salad stuff. I just ate my banana for breakfast, I'm going to have a spinach salad with celery and turkey pepperoni for lunch and probably hot dogs for dinner. We have one package of hot dogs leftover from Zach's party. We could have probably had 2 leftover, but we made the extra package just in case. My ex neighbor came down last night and told me about a juice fast. She's really excited about and it got me excited about it. I'm going shopping around for juicers soon. She said to have one for breakfast and one for lunch and eat a regular dinner. No extra powder booster craps.. just fruit and veggies. She's lost 10 pounds so far. I might start out slow and just have one a day to see what it does to my body before I go any further. I think even if I didn't do this juice fast that having a juicer would be very beneficial to have in the house. I could make the kids some juice and pump them full of veggies without them even knowing. She said that she's going to start coming down on Monday's to do the Wii with me. She has a Zumba game for the Wii too. I didn't get to do much on the Wii last night. I was so far behind on my housework, I was trying to catch up. I was in the middle of folding 3 baskets of laundry when she came down. She just came for a regular visit. The kids were in bed and I was cleaning. She stayed almost 2 hours and we just talked. I kinda miss having her as a neighbor.
I took Tony for his interview yesterday. It was just a general interview to try to find him a job and place him somewhere. There's no openings through this temp agency close to where he lives yet. He stayed for dinner. It kind of sucked. I messed up the green bean casserole somehow and it was very soupy and my chicken casserole didn't get done in time. The center was still not done, but the top was burning. This always seems to happen when I cook for him and Bre. I'm usually a decent cook, but I tend to mess up when cooking for them.
I think that's about it for today. Its going to be very cold the next few weeks, so I probably won't be going walking, but I'm going to keep at my diet and exercising at home.
I'm taking this Friday off work because Lilly is having an awards assembly at school and then I'm just going home to sleep. Hopefully hubby will be back at work by then.

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