Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thoughts

No sleep last night. Lilly's nose was stuffy and then she had a nightmare. Zach was just being weird. He started at 11:30 and it continued until 4:30 and the 3:00 hour he was just yelling my name over and over again until I went in there, but then he didn't want anything. A couple of times through the night, he wanted his cup, then he wanted covered up, but most times, he just wanted me to stand there and look at him. He has a night light now, and its helped most nights, but it was just a restless night.
We watched the new Batman movie last night and I think I kept having weird dreams because of it. I can't remember them. I didn't sleep long enough to remember. It was a good movie. I think its the best by far and I'm anticipating the next one. I've always thought that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was an excellent actor, but man... did he do fantastic in this movie! And bonus points for Morgan Freeman...LOVE HIM!
Ok... I don't really have much to really write, so bear with me today because I'm going to ramble. Lets see... my weight loss plan is off to a slow start. I'm just so tired. I did eat less than usual for dinner last night and I'm still working on my left over pizza from a couple nights ago for my lunch today. I have plans to go walking during my lunch hour, but its been really cold and I'll be walking by the river, so it'll be freezing. Its going to warm up a little next week, and I'll be out. I've mapped out the route I want to take and the round trip is a 2 mile walk. I think that's a great start. Walk 2 miles a day, watch what I eat, take the stairs instead of the elevator... I got this.
I saw this thing on Facebook, its the 'money challenge.' Here's what you do.. whichever the week of the year it is, that's how much money you put back. First week, save $1. Second week, put back $2 and so on. At the end of the year you have over $1,300. I'm going to try to do this, but I'm not going to pressure myself. Money is super tight. I think this is a good way to insure that I have money put back for Christmas. I have $50 coming out of every paycheck and going to my Christmas account, so at the end of the year I'll have 1,200. If I can still do both, I can treat myself to a little something extra special for Christmas this year.
Ok, Ok......
I'll move on now.....
Zach's birthday is only a couple weeks away. I have this plan to make Mickey Mouse shaped cookies and then let the kids decorate them with icing and sprinkles and candy. I think its a good thing for toddlers. Its gives them something to do and if something happens to pop in their mouth, its ok. I don't really know what else to do. Anyone have any ideas? There's going to be about 7- 2 year olds, 3- 4 years olds, a five year old, a seven year old and a nine year old...that I can think of right now. I'm thinking about bringing a lot of balls and just letting the kids play with the balls and balloons. I'll have a bubble machine going too, off in one corner. And I'm thinking of serving hot dogs... its going to be a Mickey Mouse themed party and they do the hot dog dance and stuff... so I figured that hot dogs were fitting. I'm aiming for red, black and white balloons, but then I also thought that every color would be ok since all the characters are a different color. Goofy wears orange and has a green hat. Minnie wears pink. Donald, blue, Daisy, purple. I don't know yet. I wonder if I can find some cheap Mickey ears anywhere. Or.. maybe for the girls, we can decorate bows.. for Minnie and the boys can make a goofy hat... or is that too advanced for toddlers? I just can't believe that my little man is already turning 2. Time goes by waaaaayyy too fast.
I'm perfectly content with my 2 wonderful children, but part of me wants another one. I can't afford one right now and that's my main reason. Day care costs too much and I'm barely making it as it is. I just really hate the thought of me being only 26 and done having kids when I have so much love to give. I feel like my purpose in life is to be a mother and I feel that its the one thing that I do right. My kids are always smiling, always happy. They are healthy, well cared for and they know they are loved. I just wish I could let another kid feel all this love that I have. If in 5 years, I'm still in no position financially to have another, I guess I really will be done.

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