Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wearing myself out

Last night I did a little bit of crafty stuff with the kids. Lilly was working on her box for Valentines day, the box that kids put cards in at school. Zach scribbled and I showed him how to trace his hand and he kept giggling, telling me it tickled. We are almost done with Lilly's box, I'm making her take a couple days breaks since we still have a month before its due.
Jumped on the Wii last night for an hour after I put the kids to bed and I'm walking today during my lunch hour. 2 miles! Also going to do the Wii again tonight. It kicked my butt last night.
I can't stop yawning today. I'm still so tired. I thought that exercising was supposed to give you more energy. Why am I more tired then?
For lunch, I'm having 2 simple cheese roll ups and an apple. For dinner, I'm cheating a little and having fried chicken. I'll eat half of what I usually do though.
Handed out zachs birthday invitations to 7 kids at day care instead of 5 like I originally thought I'd do. Found out one of the little girls had 3 older brothers. That's 3 more kids I didn't take into account. I think this may turn into a disaster. I've invited way too many people. Hopefully not all of them will show up.

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