Monday, January 14, 2013

Short for a Monday

My weekend was odd. Hubby was being weird with family stuff. I don't wanna talk about it. Friday, I didn't go to sleep until 3 am and then Zach was up at 6 am. He helped me do laundry and we watched some tv and cuddled. When I went to run the dishwasher.... the drain in the basement overflowed with some nasty black water that smelled gross. I woke hubby up and he left to get some liquid plumber stuff. Worked long enough for me to run dishwasher again. The next day, I washed the big pots in the sink... and the same thing happened. The pipe from the kitchen is hooked up to the drain in the basement. Nothing else seems to make it overflow.
Zach wasn't acting like Zach either. He was kind of sluggish and extra whiney last night and he didn't eat much all weekend. I checked his temp and it was normal. I hope he's not getting sick. He got the flu shot back in October.
My brother passed his driving test! I picked him up and drove there. The DMV is in a small mall. I parked and let him drive around and I showed him the course...which really isn't much of a course. You drive around the mall and parallel park between 2 barrels. We waited an hour before he got to take his test. Parked perfect. He only lost points on something I nagged him about which is turning the steering wheel before switching gears. I'm proud of my bubby. Now we just have to get him a job. I've been looking for him and hopefully something comes up for him.
I can't believe that in one week, my baby boy is going to be 2 years old. It makes me so sad. He's just growing up so fast, I feel like I've missed it all. My heart is breaking that he's not my little baby anymore. He doesn't fit snuggly in my arms anymore. He doesn't need me to feed him anymore. He doesn't give me weird open mouth kisses to my cheek anymore. In 6 days, we are having his party. I'm so not ready. No one from day care has RSVP'ed, I don't have the food or goodie bags, I don't have all the decorations and I still want to get him at least one more thing. He did get his big wheel and hubby put it together. Looks good. I'm a bit worried since he's so young. The pedals move when the wheel moves and he can't really pedal, but we have a hill he likes to ride down in his Power Wheel and his other little ride on fire truck. But those don't have pedals. Maybe everything will be ok. I need to get him a helmet. I saw a Mickey helmet Saturday, but it was too big.
I got to talk to Lilly Saturday night. She said her show and tell went good. I asked her what the other kids brought and she said one brought a camera, one brought an iphone, one brought a tablet.... what? Second grade people!! Lilly took a Monster High doll. She said that they are having another one this Friday and she wants to take her gel pen set. So, while my kid is busy being a kid and playing with toys, the other kids her age have their own iphone and computers.
Weather was warm this weekend too. I had Zach out playing. Where's my snow?

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