Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post of the Year

Happy New Year to everyone! We did it! We are here. Things have been crazy and things have been great. I've been busy, but I'm ready to bring on some more. This year, I'm making changes. I mean it this time. I've come up with plans and I'm sticking to them. You guys are my witnesses. This year, I'm losing weight. At least 25 pounds this year. That's about 1/2 a pound a week. I still won't be at my target weight, but I'll work on it some more. I'm weighing in and I'll keep you updated on my losses as well as my gains. I'm walking, I'm drinking water, I'm cutting my dinner in half and taking the other half for lunch to work. So not only will I be eating less, I'm saving money by taking my lunch.
I'm also going to set aside one day a week to do crafty things with the kids. I want  more homemade ornaments on my tree next Christmas. I want handmade picture frames and painted nick-nacks. I want Popsicle stick artwork and macaroni glued to paper.
I'm going to work on being more social and try to squeeze 2 more people into my close friends circle by next year. I'm going to find a way to make time for friends.
Every other month, I'm treating myself to a movie either by myself or I'll invite a girl from work... also in an attempt to get to friends. I'm making "me" time so I won't go so crazy.
I'm going to be more patient. I'm going to count to ten and take deep breaths when I get upset or angry. 
I'm going to try to try out a new recipe once a week. Money kind of becomes an issue here, but I'm going to try.
Ok...with that out of the way.. here's how my vacation went.
I stayed busy. It was craziness. The Friday before Christmas I spent wrapping gifts and cleaning up. I also went shopping for last minute gifts. I ended up buying the kids a sled. We were suppose to go to mom's that Saturday, but she called telling me she was sick. So, we go shopping. After shopping, me and the kids hang out while hubby goes out. Sunday.. I can't remember much. We made cookies for Santa and a bunch more just for us. We used our colored cookie dough. Monday-Christmas Eve is when we opened our gifts. The kids had a blast. Zach got tired of opening stuff and wanted to play. We took them outside to play with their new outside toys-Lilly's electric scooter and Zach's firetruck Power Wheels. Then, we had to hurry and clean because hubby's family was coming over to have breakfast and do Christmas with Lilly since she was leaving for her father's that night. I made 18 muffins-3 different kinds, 30 sausage links, 6 sausage patties, 16 biscuits, 2 packages of gravy, a dozen scrambled eggs, 18 scrambled eggs with ham chunks mixed in and we also had orange juice, chocolate milk and coffee. Everyone was starving when they showed up. I had over half left over when they left. Lilly opened gifts from them and the other kids opened gifts from us. They played and had fun. After that we went to my grandma's for her to have Christmas with Lilly and meet her father there. My dad got her a build your own Monster High key chain and I made him do the first one with her. He was so aggravated when he got done that he apologized for getting it. HA! After grandma's and after Lilly had gone, we went to hubby's uncles house for dinner. We ate, Zach got covered in cat hair.
Christmas morning we woke up and lounged around until about 9:30 when we went to hubby's parent's house. We had breakfast and opened gifts there. Zach got a new Mickey Mouse blanket that hubby's sister made for him. We packed up and headed to get Tony and Bre to go back to my grandma's house. We had dinner and opened gifts. After grandma's we went to hubby's sister's house for more dinner.
Wednesday- I went back to grandma's house to get Lilly. I took Tony and Bre out to eat as well as the kids. We hung out at grandma's until hubby got off work.
Thursday-I packed gifts into the car and went to my other grandma's house, stopping to get my brother and his girlfriend, to do Christmas with mom and then my other brothers and ex-step dad. I dropped Tony and Bre off and headed home with both the kids asleep.
Friday- I took the kids to the mall, stopping at my work to show Lilly our safe deposit box. Lilly got a haircut. Zach slept through lunch. I dropped Lilly off to her father when he got off work. When I got home, hubby was already gone to go to the camp to hunt.
Saturday-Me and Zach cleaned the house up and my grandparents came down for a visit. Hubby came home late. He got a deer and gave it to one of our neighbors since we already have 3 in the freezer.
Sunday-Hubby didn't get out of bed until 1:00 and we went to Walmart.
Monday, New Year's Eve- I was lounging around with Zach, reading my book, watching Mickey Mouse and having tickle fights while Hubby was at work. At 2:00 I get informed that his family is coming over for a party. So, I change out of my PJ's, take a shower and clean up. They come over at 7:00 and don't leave until 2 in the morning. Zach stayed up the whole time.
Tuesday-I told hubby the night before that this was going to be my only day to treat like a vacation and he was getting up early with Zach. 8:30, Zach wakes up, wakes me up, so I wake hubby up and he won't get up. I was soooo mad. I'm still kinda mad about it. He didn't get out of bed until after noon. I went in there and told him to get up every half an hour. Zach was acting like a little drunk man, so I know he was still very tired. But.. at 4:00, hubby decides he wants to go out shopping. We get in the car and within minutes Zach is asleep. We get to the store and have to wake him up and he cries the entire time while I'm trying to rush hubby. We get home and I just want the day to be over.
This morning, I had no problem getting Zach up. I told him he was going to school today and he jumped up, "Tabbi and Noah!" That's his girlfriend and best friend. He hadn't seen them in almost 2 weeks, so he was very happy to see them. When I drop him off this morning, he was so excited he didn't even bother to tell me goodbye.
I get Lilly back today and we have to get her room cleaned up.
Zach's birthday is the 21st. I'm wondering where I'm going to put every thing. I might have to limit how many things people get him.
Ok, that's the rundown without big details. I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks, but didn't actually get a vacation day. So, I'm ready... anytime now. I might take one here soon.
OH, and we still haven't gotten much snow. Just enough to barely cover the ground with the grass poking through.

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