Monday, January 28, 2013

Zach had the feel bads

Very rough past few days. I came to work for only an hour on Wednesday because day care called me saying Zach had pink eye. He didn't and I know that he didn't, but I had to go get him. His eyes were a little crusty and he was rubbing them. That's it. So, I leave. And trying to get out of town while everyone is coming in to town for work is very difficult. Anyway... I get there and his eye looks fine. Its not pink, its not watery, nothing. We go home and honestly my days are kind of blurred together. He had a regular doctor visit on Thursday and I was going to go ahead and have his eye looked at then...but... 2 hours before his appointment on Thursday the office calls me and says they have to reschedule because the doctor called in sick. By Thursday though, his eye was starting to swell. I figured it was just allergies since we went through the exact same thing last year. Hubby freaks out and wants me to take him to the doctor. Friday, I call Lilly early in the morning and tell her I'm going to have to miss her awards assembly, but to call me when her father picks her up and tell me what all she got. Zach's eye is swollen almost completely shut by now. We go to Urgent Care early in the morning. Their hours are 9am-9pm and we get there right when they open. We walk in and theres like 15 people already there. Come to find out that they really open their doors at 8:45. I was trying to avoid this kind of situation because I didn't want Zach to catch whatever else everyone else had. There was 2 ladies in there that was there just because they were congested. Get some over the counter medication for that. Really? So... an hour and a half in the waiting room and we finally get a room. The doctor comes in for less than a minute and tells me its allergies. So off we go. Its finally snowing now and the road is covered, but I have to stop and pick up some Benadryl. We get home, I give him some meds and we have lunch then he goes down for a nap.... for only half an hour.
Saturday he was whiney and had diarrhea. I gave him Pedialyte that I had bought a couple days before. Oh, and he had a small fever on Thursday. He only took a 5 minute nap and then hubby wanted to go to Walmart. We did our shopping and went home. Zach didn't go to sleep until really late. He's congested, but the meds aren't working. I plug in the humidifier, but that doesn't work either. At midnight he starts coughing and gagging. By the time I make it in his room to turn the light on, he's throwing up in his bed. I take him to the bathroom to clean him off while hubby cleans up the bed. Hubby's in the kitchen gagging so I finish up and put Zach back to bed.
Sunday he wakes up early, goes all day without a nap so I put him to bed super early. He whines and cries a lot and hubby keeps telling me that he's sick. I tell him that he is exhausted and needs to sleep and after he sleeps we will evaluate him to see just how sick he is. Zach starts pulling at his ears and hubby says that he has an ear infection. I tell him no, that he does that when he's really tired and he just needs to sleep. Zach finally gets to sleep, but every 20 minutes he's awake and crying. He does this for a few hours until about 9:00 and he finally starts to sleep. We get up this morning and he starts coughing and gagging again and I know he's going to throw up so I grab a towel and put it under his chin. I hear him swallowing it but I tell him to spit it out and then he throws up 3 times. It all went in the towel except when he wiped his mouth off with his hand. Then he looks at the towel and says, "lookie there!" Silly boy. I know that he is throwing up because he is congested and has sinus drainage. Poor boy can't breathe. I sent him to day care today since he's not contagious and the throwing up is just drainage. No calls yet to come pick him up. I'm exhausted. Zach is exhausted. He has an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday, so I'll be late to work.
On a different note... I've decided that I want to write children's books. I've started on the first book, but have been busy with Zach that I haven't gotten very far. Bre is going to be my illustrator. I have ideas for a 10 book series to start off with. We are going to finish them all completely and then try to reach out to get published. After that series, I'll do one more series and then I'll move on to pre-teen books and keep moving up until I'm satisfied. I don't think coming up with ideas for children's books will be difficult at all. The first series is sort of about Lilly and her experiences and the second will be about Zach.
No weight loss this week, but I haven't gained. I think that's good since I was at home all week with a sort of sick baby. I'm back to my spinach salads with celery and cucumbers with a side of carrots for lunch and fruit for snacks. Wednesday I'm packing tuna. All week though whenever I cooked, I filled my plate half full of spinach. Tonight I'm cheating and we're having jambalaya mostly because its super quick, I'm tired, and hubby has a meeting tonight at the fire station.
Oh yeah... and Lilly got on the Principal's list again for having straight A's and they gave her a necklace with some charms for perfect attendance and each time they have an assembly and she had perfect attendance, she'll be given a charm to add to the necklace.
Now I have to start planning for Lilly's birthday. I know what I want to get her- CD radio, new headphones, lala looopsy doll, roller skates and a Selena Gomez CD.
I might get to go walking today. Its supposed to warm up this week, but its raining today. Maybe I'll find a break in the rain and get to go. Also, if everyone is feeling ok, I'll get to jump on the Wii today. I did on Wednesday and a little on Thursday. I need to go get me some 5 pound weights or something. I had 10 pound weights, but I'm letting Donavan use them.
I'm tired and I have a loooong day of work ahead of me. Hopefully I can get done what needs to get done today without falling asleep. I also hope Zach has a good day today.

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