Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ranting a bit

Let me start out by saying...I seriously thought today was Friday. Now, I am disappointed.

You know.... I just started thinking on how much I spend on my car. Why do we all have to pay all this stuff for things we OWN? I bought my car, its paid off... (been paid off a year in October)...but yet, every year we have to pay taxes on our stuff, our cars need yearly inspection stickers, and we have to pay for the registration every year. That's not counting paying to get things fixed on it and keeping up with the maintenance and paying to keep gas in it. Yeah, I know we pay all of these things for several different reasons, but I think something should be done about it. I think every year when we pay our property taxes, that's when they should just go ahead and send you the registration stuff. And... maybe we shouldn't have to deal with inspection stickers or inspections at that. Yes, it allows us to know if our cars are safe to drive, yadda yadda...but there are plenty of vehicles that pass inspection that aren't safe. Inspections should be something they do when you go somewhere to get your oil changed or new tires put on. Ok, maybe its just me. I'm just tired of dishing out all this money. and since I'm on the money topic... who determines how much your bill will be during doctor visits, hospital stays and all that? I just paid over $400 to a doctor for my ER visit who I only saw long enough for him to tell me to take Tylenol. He didn't do any of the exams, he didn't do my ultrasound or my lab work, he didn't do any of the follow up, he didn't even stay long enough for me to tell him that Tylenol did nothing for the kind of pain I was having. Did he seriously not think that Tylenol was my first resort? I already prescribed that to myself..therefore I just did you about YOU pay ME!!!
How is it determined how much you will pay to park somewhere? Why can't parking be free? I pay $60 a month for parking in the same building where I work! And what about the tolls? They just went up here a dollar. And most people that are traveling that way go though 2 or 3 tolls.
Anyway...I would like to be the person who determines how much I pay for what service. Oh, Mr. Doctor, I only saw you for 2 minutes. I'll tack on another 5 minutes for looking at my ultrasound pictures...if you were indeed the one who did...and I'll pay you $100 and I think that's way more than you deserve.
Parking garage at the mall...I will give you a quarter.
Parking garage where I work....this is just stupid that I have to pay to park in a place I work. I will not pay you.
$3.00 for a gallon of gas?! Are you kidding me?! Drill in places closer to home so the rate will be less. I will pay you $1.25....and I think I'm being nice.
Day's all I'm gonna say here. I know the employees need to get paid and they have to pay for food and stuff, but seriously?!
People with hourly jobs that work overtime just to pay for the things that other people determine the price for.......... you are not paid enough.

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