Monday, November 8, 2010

Ankles are bigger round than my legs!

Went to a wedding on was so beautiful. And they make such a great couple too. Mr. and Mrs. Kessler...I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish I would have taken at least one picture with my phone so I could post it on here. Even if it was just the decorations....every was done so well.
Sunday I helped out at the fire fighter competition...that was very unorganized. I mostly took pics, but only got 2 on my phone. It was cold and I was on my feet all day. There was a jupiter jump, big inflatable slide, clown and the smoke house for kids. They also did "donate a dollar and you can hit this car with a sledge hammer" for the kids. The competition went ok. Hubby was a judge, he didn't compete, but guys from the fire station did. There was a ladder climb-fastest time going up a 90 foot ladder and back down, hose roll-they rolled up a small hose, putting on gear-fast guy to get dressed in full bunker gear, the dummy pull-speaks for itself, pulling a charged hose-pull a hose full of water down the track and then spray an object to knock it down, the hammer hit-hit this metal bar between your feet with a hammer until it moves past the line, and I have no idea what the other one could be called-climb a ladder attached to scaffolding, pull a rope up that has hose attached to the end and then climb back down. All the money raised went to the fire station that burned down last month. I apologize for not having more or better pics.

Heartburn is becoming more frequent......and I'm out of Tums today. The day has been going by fast, though. Its almost noon and I have no idea how that happened. It seems like the baby has rotated and is head down now. I feel more pressure and pain, especially when I'm standing or walking. My belly where his feet are is all pushed out and hurting. When I'm sitting, there's always a foot in my ribs. When he moves his arms, it feels like he's poking my hip bone....feels so weird. He's also been getting the hiccups a lot more these days. I haven't found a pattern to it, yet, to see if its something I'm doing. My mom said that whenever she was pregnant with the my brother above me, anytime she ate bread he would get the hiccups. I'm at the point where I'm waddling now, but that's not cuz I'm big, its just hard to maneuver this body now. There's a lot of pressure on my hips and such, so I can't really walk normal. My back is always aching now and my ankles stay swollen.
Ok...this is going to gross some people out so I'm just warning ya that you may want to skip this paragraph. Friday night I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 11 cuz I was sick. I woke up cuz I was in mid swallow of my own vomit. EW! I raced out of bed to do nothing but stand in the bathroom and wait to see if I would throw up again. Nothing happened, but I felt like I needed to throw up. I felt so bad the rest of the night. I'm about at that point where I got sick in my last pregnancy. About 7 months along, I was trying to get out the door so I could make it to class, but I got sick. I tried to make it to the bathroom, but didn't, and ended up throwing up in my bedroom floor. Being pregnant and kinda sick, I couldn't clean it up without throwing up again, so I laid a towel over it and left. ( was fruit loops) I got back home after school and work and attempted to clean it up the best I could. I know its all gross, but there's just some things I couldn't do.

This time change is messing with me. My body is telling me that its really 1:00, not noon, but either way...I'm tired and ready for a nap. But I stay tired these days. This weekend is the first weekend of our new custody agreement. He gets her Thursday and takes her to school on Monday, but then I get her for 10 days. I explained it to her the best I could. "Daddy gets you on music days and takes you to school and picks you up on gym day. You stay there 2 more days for the weekend to play and then daddy takes you to school on library day and mommy picks you up. Then you stay with me for 10 days. That's library day to library day all the way to music day." She was so excited. When I was putting her to bed last night she said, "Will you play hide-and-seek with me tomorrow?" I told her of course I will. Then she said, "And chalk, and blow bubbles, and jump rope, and make cookies, and play Uno, and Barbies, and treasure hunt, and read to me, and Battleship, and My Little Pony, and cars, and firetrucks, and paint, and roll the ball, and play with my velcro ball, and let me brush your hair, and play the Wii, and watch a movie, and play Candyland, and Go Fish, and Dominoes....wait...what are Dominoes....., and balloons, and checkers, and Memory, and...and...and...and......" I laughed and asked her if she liked playing with me. She said, "Yeah, I really do, you play so good. Daddy won't play with me. So can we play tomorrow?" I told her we would play what we could and what we didn't get done, we can do the next day. She was fine with that answer. Bless her little heart.

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