Monday, November 22, 2010

Short week

Weekend was pretty good. It was the first weekend in a long time that I got to hang out with Lilly. We cleaned the, did we clean. Its been a long time since I've seen the family room or the bathroom that clean. She is a really good helper. She also helped me lose some weight with our hour long walks straight uphill. I was gaining weight a little too fast there for about a week.
I put my cell phone on my tummy last night to watch the baby kick it. I had hubby watch and his reaction, "That's kinda weird." Then I said..."Doesn't it look kinda gross." " really does." The baby wasn't just kicking, he was rolling over. It wasn't little bumps, you could seriously see him. My stomach was rising and falling there was a baby rolling over in there.
I've also been using Lilly to kinda help me 'train' for Black Friday. This is going to be the first year that I go where I'm all pudgy and waddling and in pain like this. I've been using our long walks and our days together to get ready. If I stand for too long, my hips hurt. If I walk for too long, I feel pressure like he's going to plop out. And almost all day, every day, I have the stretchy feeling and my back is hurting. Well...I'm seriously trying to get my body ready for the fun torture that is Black Friday. She also helped out by not letting me sleep in. I've got to get my body ready for little to no rest on top of all the walking, standing, and rushing around. I've also got a maternity shirt ready and picked out that I'm going to wear that clearly says in big black letters, "BABY" so hopefully I won't get pushed around and elbowed in the belly and maybe, just maybe someone will feel a bit sorry for me and let me jump them in line. Oh, big hopes.
On our walk yesterday I let Lilly pick 20 minutes into it if she wanted to head back to the house, or go down this one side road. She wanted to keep going, so we went down the side road. About another 20 minutes we turned around to head home, and that's when she started to complain. She likes to go and go until she can't go anymore, but then she can't go home. It was kinda funny. I told her I can't carry her home this time. (One time I gave her a half an hour piggy back ride all the way back home, up hills, down hills.) She said, "Yeah, but you didn't even carry me ALL the way back home that time. You had to keep putting me down and resting for a little while." And then when we were about 15 minutes from the house she wanted to stop and rest. We did and I said, "You are young and able, mommy is pregnant and in pain. You can do it!" Trying to put a little encouragement in her, but she came back with this, "Yeah, mommy...I AM young, but I'm not able." I asked why not and she said, "Cuz my name is Lilly not Able!!" I guess she got me there.

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