Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bank baby boom

Oh, the rain!! Yesterday when I left work I noticed the sky was really dark toward home, but I ventured on anyway. I was seriously almost at the day care when it just started pouring the rain. I pulled into the circle, and sat there debating on waiting it out or just going for it. I searched and searched my car for my umbrella, but it was missing. I still haven't found it and have no idea where it could be. But I did find Lilly's tiny, bright red fire truck umbrella. So I grab it and run. After I sign her out we are standing in the doorway looking at the rain. She says that she doesn't want me to get wet, that we can share the umbrella. I tell her its ok, my hair needs to get wet so it can get messed up. She took that as a good excuse and we took off toward the car.
Then, we had to make a trip to the grocery store because I had forgotten some essentials for dinner. Again...still raining. She still didn't want me to get wet. I told her I was already wet from when my hair needed to get wet and its ok. We go in and shop (we know someone that works there and she gave Lilly a balloon), come out and get a movie out of the kiosk and head to the car. Then here I am juggling a balloon, 3 grocery bags, my purse, trying to hold her umbrella so she can get in the car....and I end up dropping a bag. Thank goodness it wasn't the eggs! By the time we make it home, the rain had stopped and there was a rainbow in the sky. I really should have taken a picture to post on here, cuz I doubt anyone will believe me when I say that it was the ugliest rainbow I have ever seen. I didn't know rainbows could be 'not pretty.' It was this kind of yellow, greenish color. It didn't have all the reds, and blues in it....just yellow and green and it ran across a black cloud.

The only thing I can really focus on anymore is the pain on my stomach. It just feels like he is tearing me from the inside or something. The pain isn't on my skin's surface, its deeper than that, like its on the inside. I told the doctor and I explained it the best way I could and all she said was to use lotion. I am using all the lotion possible. I lotion up my belly just about every hour thinking it will ease the pain, but it never does. Rubbing in the spot that hurts kinda helps, but when I first start rubbing, the pain is almost unbearable....then after a few seconds it eases up a bit before coming back. At least I get a couple seconds of no pain.
Today is a baby shower for a co-worker. She is the only one in the bunch of us that is having a girl. I told her that its only cuz she works at a different location. She drank the pregnancy water, but not the 'its a boy' water. She is due December 7 and is naming her Ella. Very cute name. Good thing is that she will be on maternity leave during Christmas and New Year. She won't even be back when I go on leave. We'll have to figure out a time to meet up and take a peek at each other's babies. And I just found out last week that I'm not the last one to have a kid here at work. Another girl just found out that its her turn to be pregnant. Its like a baby boom around here. Just about every woman of child bearing age is having a baby one right after another. We've already had seriously a dozen girls that have had a kid this year already or are due in the next couple months. Of course that's counting all the locations, but the same department. I work at a bank in the trust department and its this location and like 2 or 3 others, but still in the trust deparment.
There will be no post tomorrow. I'm only going to be at work for 3 hours before I gotta head out for Lilly's Thanksgiving lunch.
Countdown continues.....Tomorrow will mark my 9 week wait. Only 9 weeks. You know, on Christmas I will have 4 weeks left. Wow!!!!

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