Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Other than the horrible stretching sensation I have all day every day on my stomach.....I'm doing great! Lotion does nothing to ease the pain....lemme try to describe it. You know that feeling when you were younger and someone would do the "Indian rug burn" on your arm.....yeah......that's what it feels like on my stomach. Its usually concentrated in one spot, not all over my belly. Monday it was on the right side of my bellybutton. Yesterday is was just above and to the left of my bellybutton. I've tried the cocoa butter cream and the cocoa butter lotion. I've tried regular lotion and Vaseline. It does only hurt when I'm I'm going to try not to do that so much today. I never hurt like this the first time.
He hasn't moved too much this week. Maybe he finally realized he doesn't have that much room, but when he moves....oh he moves! He hasn't gotten the hiccups this week either. Sunday he had them for like 5 seconds, just long enough for Lilly to feel 2 bumps.
Lilly is doing great in school. She can read! I made some flash cards that we go over about once a week. I'm always adding new words to it. The teacher sends home a letter every Monday explaining what they will be doing for the week and the words and sounds they will be working on. I try to put words on the flash cards that they will be working on, before they work on them....and some harder words too. She's getting it. I'm so proud. The only sounds she's really having problems is the "gh." We haven't worked on the "ph" sound yet. I don't even know if they go over those sounds in Kindergarten. Once she can get all the words on the flash cards without any of my help, we will move onto math. She knows the basics, but I'd like to work on it with her before they start doing it in class. So far all they've done in math is introduce the numbers and learn how to write them-which she already knew- and now they are working on patterns and symmetry. We've worked a little on addition and she understands it, but we need to work on it.
She's been doing excellent in school. She hasn't been getting into trouble too much. She did get yellow last Monday for talking though. (behavior is put into 3 colors. Green if they are really good, yellow if they got in trouble and red if they were really bad. This is a daily thing and a report goes home every Monday about the week before.) That's really her only real problem and we keep having discussions about it, but it does no good. I guess I could use!! Anyway here's a pic of what she picked out of the treasure box for being so good........
HA!!!!!! I love it!
Lilly even made dinner last night. I bought some of that pizza dough that comes in a can like biscuits do, she unrolled the dough. I helped flatten it and spread it out, but she did the sauce and toppings by herself. 'Twas really good. Told hubby that since I made dinner on Monday and Lilly made dinner last night...he gets to make dinner tonight. We'll probably end up with McDonalds or something. lol
Off work tomorrow for Veteran's Day and we are going to see mom. Tomorrow also marks my 10 weeks left before the baby is due. Wow...I can't believe I'm already down to 10 weeks!

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