Friday, November 19, 2010


Got Lilly a calendar so she can know when she will be with me and when she will be with her father. I had her color the days she'll be with me red, and the days with him orange. She liked it. I think it will be of good use and she won't get so upset when the time comes for her to go. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Her Thanksgiving lunch thing was ok. Very unorganized. All the kids were dressed up at either Indians or Pilgrims. So cute.
I finally got a response from the collection agency regarding my past due medical bill...... I'm not getting any kind of settlement. [sad face] It took them a month to tell me NO. Ooooh I was so mad. I went ahead and paid $1500 of it. If I didn't order stuff from online I could have paid $1700, but I had to do some Christmas shopping. I'm gonna use the child support I've been saving up to buy Lilly's presents on Black Friday. If I didn't need that money for Christmas, I could go ahead and pay off the rest of the bill, me, Christmas is just a little more important. Hubby said he would take care of the remainder of the bill for me. I don't think he knows about the saved up child support. He hasn't asked how I'm going to go shopping yet. I won't tell unless he asks. :-)
I've only got 9 weeks left until the little one is here! So excited. I am less planned out this time. I know how much time I have left, but I just keep telling myself that I have more time. We don't even have a car seat yet, or a stroller. We have a crib, but its still in my storage building. We don't have any room to set up a crib. If we are still stuck in that little apartment, we're gonna have to get a bassinet or something. I told hubby that one is the perfect size to fit on my side of the bed. But hopefully in the next few weeks, there will be a house. I think that's what I'm mainly waiting for. If we don't have a house by the first week of January, I'm just going to have to start planning on living in that itty bitty apartment and get it baby ready.

Let's see stomach still feels 'stretchy.' I've been told that's my uterus growing and that's why lotion is doing nothing. I just didn't feel all this last time. Its cuz its a boy isn't it? lol... I've been super tired lately, like I just can't get enough rest, but at the same time I have all this extra energy..but I'm too tired to do anything with it. Also been having some pre-labor contractions. Its up to about one a day. Braxton Hicks, I think is what they are called. Sometimes I think I feel one coming on, but it turns out that the baby is just pushing down and giving me some extra pressure. My back has been sore, too. Sitting has become a bit difficult. I can no longer get in the floor and play with Lilly without having some kind of pain or breathing problems. I've also been really hungry lately. My appetite has been really low, until this week. I feel like I haven't eaten in days. Since last week, I've gained 5 pounds!! There is a limit that I swear I will not let myself get to, I will not weight more than this limit....but I'm coming awfully close and I still have 9 weeks left and I'm expected to gain 1 pound a week. I'm going to end up going over unless I can get this under control. I think I've done excellent with my weight gain. Since last week I had only gained 10 pounds, but now when you tack on that extra 5......I'm getting close.

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