Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No title today

My cousin went into early labor last night. Last I heard they got everything stopped. She is a just a couple weeks behind me making her about 3 1/2 early if she does deliver. If she is still in the hospital tomorrow, I'm going to go see her after work. She lives about 25 miles west of me, but I don't know that area at all. I'll have to mapquest her. When mom called to tell me, I was about to go tell my boss that I was leaving and go to the hospital that was only a couple blocks from my work, but then mom told me which one she was at. I thought about going today, but I don't see them letting Lilly in and I don't want to miss my last day with her before she heads off to her fathers. (letting him get her a day early so she can spend all Thanksgiving with him) But so far, my cousin is doing fine. She is my favorite cousin out of the million that I have. Mom and her two sisters were all pregnant at the same time with me, this cousin and one other one. The cousin that is pregnant (Katie) was born 4 months before me and my other cousin (Beth) was born 2 days after me. We grew up together and was very close, until we reached about 12ish. When I was pregnant with Lilly, Beth was pregnant with her first too. She had him about 2 weeks before I had Lilly...and now I'm pregnant with my second one and Katie is having her first. I do hope they get everything stopped and she carries full term. I know how scarey it all is. Good thing is that her boyfriend works in the hospital she is at, so he can see her and be there with her even while he's working.
My little one is way more active and is getting strong. He is at the point where he hurts when he gets moving around. He is getting on a good sleep schedule though. He's awake before I get to work around 6:30, then he's up again around 10:00, then he's usual quite still until about time to go home at 4:30 and then he's up again after I eat dinner. Oh, I shouldn't have been making a list.....its 1:15 and he's up.
Didn't really get to do much with Lilly yesterday. Some stuff I ordered online came in and we went through it and we played cars with a fire station. We looked though a magazine, too. Didn't see hubby at all yesterday. He called me while I was thawing dinner to tell me that he was running a fire call. Metro called out his ATV team to go down the road to get a guy that was in the woods hunting who shot himself. Do people not understand gun safety? I had to go through this week long gun safety class before they would even give me a hunting license. So after he went and did that, he got home around 10:30 and I was already in bed. Its been so long since we've actually spent any time together. He's been working a lot of overtime and he mentioned something about it Sunday and I told him that I'd like to see him every once in a while and he said that he's just trying to make some money. I'd rather see him at least every other weekend or him be home for dinner a couple days out of the week. If he's not working, then he's at the fire station or at his parents house or something. I couldn't tell you the last time we had a decent conversation that didn't involve what's on tv. I miss him. This time of the year is really hard on me cuz a couple years ago we had a big falling out and I moved out and into my own place for a few months. Every time we get to this time of the year, my brain reminds me of everything that happened and him not being around makes it especially hard on me. I am saddened that it took me moving out to get him to grow up though. Hopefully he'll get to be home a little soon. He's going out hunting Friday and Saturday. I don't know about Thursday. Maybe he'll get to be home the next weekend I keep Lilly.
Just a couple more days and I'm down to 8 weeks left!!!!!!! Black Friday in 3 days, Thanksgiving in 2 days, apply for a loan to a house in 8 days (if hubby can get off work to do it), and 4 1/2 weeks 'til Christmas!!!

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