Monday, November 1, 2010

Its November

Been so busy.
Lilly's party was ok. There were things that kinda made me mad. I found out that her father didn't put anything on under her costume for trick or treat and the lace irritated her so bad she has a kind of rash on both hips. She didn't even wear a jacket on that night and it was really cold. For the party at school, he only sent her dress, which was like 2 sizes too big. Didn't send the bows, the basket or the shoes. He could have at least sent the bows of all things. She had fun though and that's all that matters. I took her home and spent an hour or two with her before I took her to him. I was nice enough to meet him halfway so he didn't have to go the whole way and deal with all the traffic and he wouldn't even talk to me. I was trying to tell him Lilly had fun, she already ate.....but he wouldn't stop talking on his phone long enough to even give me a head nod to acknowledge that he had heard me. But here's what she looked like on the night of trick or treat.
Sunday when he dropped her off, she didn't have her belt....or her jacket. WTF? He said, "I didn't send her jacket cuz I thought you still had her purple jacket she went to school in Friday since you didn't send her backpack. The purple jacket belongs to us at my house." I said, "No... she had it on when she got in your car on Friday. I didn't send her backpack cuz there was no point in it. Why would I send an empty backpack to your house? And now you send her out in the cold without any jacket. Where is her black jacket?" "Oh, its at our house. I thought you had a jacket." "Even if I had brought one with me, which I didn't, you still had her out in the cold without any sleeves. Next time you bring her back to me, I want her belt, her jacket and whatever else I send her in on Thursday." GRRRRRRR
Went bowling Saturday. Bad idea when your 6 months pregnant. I do not recommend it. By the second game I was cramping and it hurt to even stand. I did bowl a 148 my first game though. Its been a while since I bowled that good.
Wednesday doc appt went good. I didn't get sick or pass out from drinking that stuff. The doc said everything on my ultrasound looked good and my placenta has moved up and out of the way.
I had talked to hubby a bit about baby names.... He was giving Alexander David some serious thought, until his sister told him that's what her hubby's sister's kid's name is. Now we are back to square one.

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