Monday, November 15, 2010

Pillow Pets

Oh, the pillow pet drama I have brought onto myself. Here's what's happened so far~
Lilly said she wanted a pillow pet really bad, its the only thing in the whole world she has asked for for Christmas, so I just HAD to get her one. I looked everywhere. I tried Walmart and Toys-r-Us express, I tried K-mart and my grandma went to the big Toys-r-Us to have a look. I did make the mistake in telling my grandma that's what Lilly wanted and now SHE is determined to get her one instead of me. Whatever grandma, whatever. Lilly said she wanted the unicorn, and I told grandma that. Grandma told me that whenever I find a unicorn to get it and give it to her and she will give me the money, like she went out and bought it. Yeah. So I made another trip to the mall and checked another toy store and there was some pillow pets- a monkey, a hippo, a ladybug, a bumblebee...but not a unicorn. So, I panicked and bought the was purple and that's Lilly's favorite color. I figured it would work. Then, my boss called me and told me that she found a unicorn at Sears. I would have never thought to look in Sears. So the next day I went over there and got a unicorn also. Here I am with a hippo and a unicorn. I try to be all sly about it and I tell grandma that I found a hippo instead of the unicorn. Apparently she wasn't happy with this, so she ordered a unicorn through the mail.
I take Lilly out about a week later and we walk into a dollar store.....and they had pillow pets!! All they had though was a ladybug and a bumblebee. And she said, "Oh, mommy!! A ladybug pillow pet!! That's what I want. That's what I'm going to tell Santa I want now. I don't want the dog anymore." "But Lilly, you never said dog." "Yes, I did. That's what I wanted, but now I want the ladybug." Ok...........She never said dog to me. We were even making a list for Santa on my phone and there is unicorn.......not a dog. Anyway, after we visit my mom last week, she sees that my nephew has a dog pillow pet and that's what she wants now. So, I got to the pillow pet website and print off their list and I circle the ones I have seen in the stores and I tell her to pick out 2. (one for me and one for grandma) She picks out the unicorn and the ladybug. as it now, we have 2 unicorns and one hippo. I take the hippo back the next day to exchange it for the ladybug and the lady at the register brings up 3 different things. A ladybug, the bumblebee and..................A BUTTERFLY!!!!! OMG!!! Of course the butterfly is a cuddle pet or something like that, but its a butterfly! So, I got it instead. Here's what it looks like.....
Its both cute and kinda creepy at the same time. Lilly collects butterflies so I figured this one would be way better. She doesn't know that the butterfly pillow thing exists, so.....woohoo!! I still have to take the unicorn back though. No point in it if grandma ordered one through the mail. I have learned, though. Never tell grandma what Lilly wants if I intend to be the one to get it for her.

Doc appt went great. Blood test was all ok. I even LOST a pound in two weeks. My next appt is December 3... a week after Thanksgiving. Super excited over Black Friday. I've been making spreadsheets, comparing prices, planning out our shopping...oh, I can't wait. Even if I don't really have any money to go shopping, we just like to go for the experience. We really don't do too much shopping anyway. Standing in line for 2 hours at each store doesn't seem very appealing this year, though. My tummy is kinda sticking out now and my feet are gonna swell up real bad. But I'm still excited for it! It might be the last year I get to do it.

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