Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feels like I swallowed fire

Stupid pillow pets!! After a month of searching I finally found one. Not the one that Lilly was wanting though. She was wanting the unicorn, I found a hippo. Its purple, so I bought it thinking that I wouldn't get another chance. My boss called me an hour after I bought the hippo and she said she found the unicorn. So I guess I'm going to go tomorrow to get the unicorn and give it to my grandma to give to her. The Pillow Pet is the only thing she has asked for all year for Christmas. I'm going to slyly ask her to make sure its still the unicorn she wants.
So far for Christmas I have bought Lilly- two pair of Princess and the Frog socks, a bedazzler and some refills, a pair of pink plaid shoes, a shirt, two battery powered hamsters one with a ball one with a wheel, a bracelet, the hippo Pillow Pet, Princess and the Frog body wash and shampoo, candy corn flavored chapstick, and a few other things I forget. The only things left I know for sure that I'm going to get her is the second Chipmunk movie, a big Littlest Pet Shop playhouse, some more individual My Little Ponies, Squinkies, the Jenga game, the Guess Who game and some more clothes....oh and some earrings. I have been eyeballing some star shaped earrings for her. Oh, and a kids snuggie and giant inflatable bowling.
Hubby's gonna get a back rack for his 4-wheeler, a WVU hoodie, the Avatar movie and whatever Lilly picks out for him. Maybe a Wii game or a PS2 game. I think that's enough for him. The stupid rack costs $150. For his birthday I'm gonna get him either a Blue Ray player or a PS3. Thought about getting him an XBox 360, but we don't have internet. Oh, and I do have these binoculars picked out that also takes pictures that he can use for hunting.
The baby is doing weird things. He is now big enough to make and keep me uncomfortable. He lodged a foot right under my ribs last night and no matter what I did, I could not get comfortable. I can also sit or lay and watch him move now. Reminds me of a movie where the alien pops out of someone's stomach. Yeah... that's what it looks like is about to happen sometimes. I can't really describe the feeling. Its weird. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes I don't even notice that he's moving around. He's making some big movements though. My stomach does 'the wave' sometimes. He's also getting the hiccups on a regular basis now.
Heartburn is getting worse with each passing day. No matter what I eat or don't eat, the heartburn comes and there's no getting rid of it. I just have to ride it out. Tums do no good.

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